Smartthings App Issue: "There was a problem connecting. Try again later."

Anyone else having this issue? I’m unable to access any of my devices. Tried on another phone which has ST app, same issue happens. Automations seems to be working fine. I can also control devices via

Thanks in advance.

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I’m having the exact same issue. I can’t change any scenes even though the existing ones still work fine.

I’m having the same issue but the symptoms are a little different.

I got a new Galaxy S22 Plus and moved everything from my S9 to the S22. The Smartthings app will not open, I just get the error above. It opens/woks fine on the old phone and from my wife’s phone and from the desktop site.

I have removed and reinstalled the app and restarted the phone multiple times. And all other apps and OS are up-to-date and of course the wifi connection is just fine.

Ideas anyone?

Samsung support has not provided a solution.

Exactly the same issue on my device… Did anyone found a solution for this?

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I am having the same problem, and have contacted the customer service but the problem still exists.

I’m guessing it was a bug from a recent software update(s). Mine seemed to quit working when iOS updated last month. I called it into Smartthings support with no response but it’s magically fixed a week later.