SmartThings Cloud is Down


From desertblade - BEN W [has not been updated to reflect this.]

Investigating - Some users in North America are unable to access the SmartThings mobile app and Developer Tools, We are working to address the issue and will provide updates on our progress here.
Jun 14, 16:35 EDT

Unable to Access SmartThings Mobile After Android Upgrade
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(Brian) #2

For me right now, this.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #3

I was looking out the window earlier at work… I saw a cloud run into a mountain… I wonder if that was the ST cloud crashing?

(James Yeo) #4

Yeah, my whole system has just crapped the bed. Can’t disarm, sirens, random lights, can’t access anything. Good Times!!

#5 was updated almost an hour ago to reflect the ongoing investigation. Stay tuned for an update.

(Sully) #6

No joy here either. Though, my internet provider is having an outage too, so I’m gonna blame AT&T instead of ST, as long as they have it back up before internet comes back up. :smirk:

(Megan) #7

I am also off line. Was in the middle of playing with things. Maybe I broke it?

(Beckwith) #8

Ouch, of course this has to happen when an alarm is tripped and I can’t shut it off…

(Megan) #9

mine just came up again

and gone again

(Geko) #10

Same here. Sporadic connectivity. Practically unusable. :confused:

(Mike Maxwell) #11

Yea, status detail is accurate (everything down), the notification email was a bit misleading…

(Mike Maxwell) #12

Practicallly?, I’m in the totally unless category…


This is the 2nd time for me this year with ST being down.
I’m going to have to rethink this smart things home system.
What a bunch of crap that they have problems and nothing works. And to put the cherry on the top of the cake my app on the phone says my hub is off line, check your internet.


Started about 40 minutes ago for me here (Currently 14:40 PST). Just now go the alert that my hub is offline and to check my internet (Same internet I’m using to respond here). I’m starting to think that cloud connectivity isn’t really what I need. I’d rather it be reliable and not be able to access it through the cloud.

(Matt) #15

What is redundancy? I guess ST has never been informed about it either


This is why Smartthings needs to be locally controlled and not just “in the cloud”!!

(Nicholas Moline) #17

I can’t turn my siren off or disarm my system.

Is there anything I can do? Should I unplug the hub?

(Andy) #18

Dogs (barking sound clip from sonos, driven by ST) are barking like there’s no tomorrow…please hurry up and fix it…

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #19


Next firmware update…LET US RUN LOCAL APPS! :rage: at least we can turn off the Siren. I rather loose $100 playing in the casino than loosing $100 to this paperweight.