Mobile Android app error

Hey I have many devices on smarthings. All working fine but last night the app logged me out. No update from what I can see. I can’t log back in. Im sure password is right I can log into hub via smarthings account but app keeps throwing up “sorry an unexpected error occurred”. Anyone experiencing this same prob this morn

I’m currently having the same issue.

Glad it’s not just me. Thought it was after hub update but was working fine after it. I tried to contact smarthings. No representative available for smarthings at moment. Hmmmm status. no showing any issues. I think that status service may be just window dressing

I’ve contacted support also, Luckily the smartthings connect app is still working so i can still control some of my devices.

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Nice one. Unfortunately I was not signed into the connect as it does not have smart apps and custom devices so when I try sign into that same thing. Hopefully they have it sorted soon. Cheers for reply

Also having the same issue… This sucks because the new app doesn’t support all my custom devices.

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Yeah no way I’m going to that new app. Login service seems to be down as it is affecting both apps

Just wanted to add that I’m having the same issues.
Interestingly I updated to Samsung account 11 days ago. Never had this issue until now (1.5 years SmartThings user). Hope this isn’t a prequel to how things will work under Samsung rule…

Mine is back working. How bout you

Yep mine is back :smile:

No reply from Samsung. Fix it and say nothing :slight_smile: