UK V2 Hub not communicating with Hue devices (June 2023)

Hi, @slgalvin
Based on the behavior you describe of duplicated devices, something else might be going on in your case, so, please help us confirm the following:

  1. You’re adding only one integration type for Hue. In SmartThings, there are two ways of integrating Hue.
    • One is the Cloud-to-Cloud integration which can be identified because you log in to your Philips Hue account
    • The other is the Hub integration where the connection is between the Hue Bridge and the ST Hub
  2. If you have confirmed you’re adding the Hub integration, you need to make sure you only have one driver installed that supports these devices.
    • This means you need to choose between the one from SmartThings or a custom one because if you trigger the discovery mode and both are installed on your Hub, they can cause issues because both will try to connect to the device.
      In the Advanced users’ app > Hubs or the ST app, you can enter the Hub’s details and see the installed drivers.
  3. Finally, the Edge driver of SmartThings only discovers lights. I think the custom one discovers other types of devices, so, you can try using that one instead: [ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA] (3rd Party Driver, Not ST Native). But, remember what I mentioned in #2