UK supported devices

I am more referring to what is available to purchase. Light switches don’t seem particularly well covered for instance.

One thing I would like to see if actual wall sockets which only seem to be available with LightwaveRF. Some Z-wave/zigbee versions would be great but the relative cost would be quite high in comparison.

Excellent, thanks, that gives me a good base understanding of the region challenges. Maybe one day in the utopian future there’ll be global standards to make everyone’s lives easier…

Thanks for the FAQ link too. I’ve been keeping my eye on the OAuth issue, hopefully that fix will have UK Harmony and UK Smartthings working in wondrous… harmony?

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Any plans for Tado thermostat integration Tyler? I can get to it via IFTTT, but might be nice to have a more direct approach. Thanks

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Yes. That’s all I can say right now.


One obvious difference is the standard mains voltage and frequency - 110-120v @ 60 Hz in the USA, 220 - 240V @ 50Hz in the UK.

How about support for the Cosy smart thermostat - see website here - a bunch of these were recently given away free by first:utility as an incentive to sign up to one of their fixed-term gas and electricity supply deals, so there must be quite a few out there - I’ve got one of them, and it would be nice to be able to control it from the SmartThings hub eventually.

@Kriskit as far as switches… I picked on of these up this week in Germany…

support for it might be patchy from the looks of things but from a quality point of view it looks/ feels pretty decent.

@Tyler… these pretty please… :smile:

Unfortunately, we have no idea as yet whether the Devolo actually works with SmartThings. Because it’s a two paddle model, it may require custom code. (As I recall, you have bought the light switch in advance, but you do not have a SmartThings hub yet.) I look forward to hearing of any progress.

In the meantime, the following post details the light control options that are currently confirmed to work with SmartThings in the UK. ( this is a clickable link):

Nod… .that’s true…

Also I believe that Devolo and Hauppauge both seem to offer the same devices… so I assume they are both just brand engineering of Chinese/other product (I understand Hauppauge’s hub is actually a Zipato knock off)…

Hopefully getting my next small plastic box that could be a z-wave device but wont connect to my hub of choice in a month when I’m back out there (if the hub is here by then!).

Again worth a gamble as it entirely fulfils a major use case of mine.


Could to share how you got the POPP dimmer working? I presume this is the mains socket dimmer.

Many thanks

Can anyone tell me if smart things are working on any new devices which they fully support, as there isn’t many current ones and most of the ones they do support are stupid prices for what they do.

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Which devices would you like us to add support for?

Anything and everything you can buy home automation wise in the UK. Shouldn’t be a hard job as the UK shelves are quiet limited for choice on HA.

We’re working on it :wink:

In the mean time if you want to see support for any specific products please shoot me a link. I’ll order them for our lab right away.


How about the Lightify bulbs then that are currently pretty cheap on Amazon? Seen here:

You’ll see official support for those OSRAM bulbs before the end of the year.


I would like to see more IP cameras
And more zwave lighting which don’t cost the earth

Which ones specifically? We have some strict requirements as far as the types of cameras we can integrate, but I’ll mention it to our Video team.

Which one do you have your eye on?

Any specific products in mind?

IP cameras
Foscam c1
Any motorola
More Dlink IP cameras

Light bulbs
Time 2


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