UK contact/motion sensors

Hi all, a soon to be new smartthings user here!

I’ve done quite a bit of reading about potential set-ups over the past few weeks.

My partners sister is travelling to America next week and I am wondering if I get her to purchase me some Iris contact and motion sensors, will they work as expected here in the UK or am I best sticking with either Orvibo/Figaro/Official ST ones?

Thanks in advance!

Better be careful here.
The zwave frquency is different in the UK than that in the US.
So, if you have a UK hub, US z wave products will not work.
I also believe that US zigbee products, albeit running the same software, run at a greater power output than is authorised in Europe.
I would suggest that if you have a UK hub then you need to ensure you buy UK products. i.e. Currys/PC World.

Thanks for that.

Reason I ask is that I’ve seen the Orvibo sensors from China get recommended for use over here so was curious regarding the popular Iris over in the US.

All this as a reluctance to spend £30-£40 on ST sensors!

There is no reason why you cannot buy any product from any manufacturer provided it is UK spec.
I would check though that someone has written a device handler for it so that it can connect into the ST hub.