UK supported devices

Please could you supply us UK devices which we can use with smart things

Here you go!

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Thanks @Tyler. Do you know if there are any Sirens / Strobe combos that are coming to the UK? I can’t see any.

@AshNazir Everspring do a zwave siren strobe SE812-1 (EU version) - currently on that well known auction site for £39

@ashforduk as well as @Tyler 's list, all zigbee (HA) and most zwave EU devices should be ‘compatible’ but may not ‘work’ without a custom or tinkered device type. Fortunately, many folk here have written device types for their US devices, and work fine for EU ones!

(same may apply to the strobe)

ive got several other devices working, so will add them in a separate list somewhere.

EDIT: added list here:

WeMo Bulb
OSRAM Lightify bulbs (GU10/MR16 tested)
NEST (protect & thermostat)
Phillips HUE Tap

Z-Wave Wall socket (POPP/TKB)
Everspring Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor
Everspring Temp/Humidity ST14
EZMotion Motion & Temp & Light sensor
GreenWave 5 Gang socket

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The TKBHome dimmers work well and are very well priced. Just bought 5 and they work perfectly

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Hi Andy

did the wemo bulb work without the wemo link. and are you able to dim from the smatthings app?


It did work without the WeMo link - put ST into Connect New Device mode, turn the WeMo light on (from off!) and it should be detected.

I havent tried dim, but can do so on Friday,

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I’m new to this. Can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation that explains why the list of supported devices in the US and the UK are different? Doesn’t seem to be related necessarily to product availability? Additionally, if there is a separate development stream for Europe, a roadmap of planned integrations would be cool.

I bought the ST V2 hub in the hope of eventually getting it talking with the Logitech Ultimate Hub (which seems to be Logitech’s budget, functionality-impaired European version of the North American Harmony Hub). Boy did that turn out to be a can of worms- I’ve never read so many forum posts in my life!


Yes. I too have a logitech harmony ultimate hub that I would like to get working with Smartthings in the UK. Are there plans to add this on the UK supported device roadmap?

I also assume once the IFTTT integration works in the UK (apparently it’s being worked on) then there’s that method for integration with a slight lag.

Just out of interest, how did you get the Hue Tap working? Do you have a link?

Hi Andy,

you say you got the GreenWave 5 Gang socket working? Have you got individual control of the sockets, or just all on/all off?

Can you point me in the direction of the device type you used?

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@Alec_Howson confirming WeMo dimming works from ST app

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Sorry @Alyc100 I only just saw your question. The Tap is actually through the Hue Hub - sorry for confusion.

The wemo bulb is a ZigBee device and can pair directly with the SmartThings Hub. It has gone through device certification in the US but not UK (hence why it’s not listed in Marketplace), so there may be some quirks.

The TKBHome dimmers (light switches) seem to all require three-wire installations (ie a neutral) … not a very common setup around here for lighting circuits.

I thought TCP Connected lights were supported (although not showing in the list above) - as there are instructions on how to add them.

However, when I go to Marketplace -> Lighting (cant remember the exact menu options); but I only see Philips listed.

In the UK can I not add TCP Connected lighting?

There is a SmartApp for TCP connected lighting that you need to install manually through the IDE. I have a TCP kit but haven’t gotten around to installing the SmartApp yet.

I’d really hoped for more official support for things but it almost feels like nothing is being done (I’m sure it is). It’s jaded me a bit towards SmartThings as it’s not nearly as useful yet as was advertised.

The lack of devices in the UK is a bit depressing, not to mention the cost of some of them.


Thanks Chris - most helpful. Will check this out tonight! Yeah - I am early stages with this - I only bought the kit over the weekend. Can I ask - when you say IDE. Is that what you say when you refer to the Apple/Android app? Or is there another way to connect/control the ST Hub?

What do you want to see supported?

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Models of devices sold in different countries can vary in some subtle but important differences even if they look the same on the outside.

The obvious one of course is the Z wave frequency. But power levels are often different, in some cases mandated by law at different ceilings.

My understanding is that the only devices that are on the official compatibility lists are ones that have actually been tested by SmartThings staff for compatibility with the hub for that region and the other certified compatible devices. This can take some time.

So in some cases it may be that they haven’t yet done the certification testing. But in other cases it may actually be that the device from one region is not compatible due to engineering differences in the models.

Harmony Integration

As far as harmony goes, I don’t know of any specific differences between the European and the US models, but there is a bug right now preventing authorisation of many third-party services with Smartthings UK accounts. that one is definitely affecting harmony use. You can track that issue in the IFTTT topic in the UK category.

Once the authorisation issue is fixed, it’s probably best to go either to the knowledgebase articles or to the FAQ topic. The Harmony integration was very popular and went through many different versions and states before final official release, which is why just searching the forums can be confusing. But the FAQ topic is short and succinct on the current official easy method.