EU Compatible Smartplugs - recomendations?


I use ST to keep an eye on my flat in Spain. I need a couple of ST compatible EU smart plugs. I already use a couple of Wemo plugs but the cheapest one is around 50 euros so looking for cheaper. Any suggestions? I would really like something that works without having to use a Pi or anything else as a go between. Size is also a consideration so smaller would be better - but not a deal breaker.


Any zwave or Z wave plus pocket socket on the EU zwave frequency Should work fine for basic on/off with the UK version of the SmartThings hub and won’t require any additional bridge devices. (Advanced features like energy monitoring might require a custom device type handler)

Vesternet has a good selection. TKBHome and Greenwave are typically the least expensive, but there are other brands as well:

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As always @JDRoberts you are a mine of info. Many thanks. I wasnt sure that I could just use any z-wave socket. All I need is basic switching so ill see what i can find.

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Just be sure the zwave frequency exactly matches the frequency of your hub. So if you have the UK SmartThings hub, that’s operating on the EU zwave frequency. People with the US frequency hub have to get devices on the North American Z wave frequency: