UK Devices

Can anyone tell me if there is a definitive list of devices that work on Smartthings UK and exactly what they do.

I’m fairly new to this gadget and I’m learning. I can see this can do so much and I see lots of posts from the USA but I know UK integration has been sketchy to say the least.

Also, I see lots of posts mentioning things/devices and I’d love to know what they actually do…sometimes Google can’t help. I mean, Weather Tiles…what’s that?

A nice long list would be ace.


Hi and welcome.
I’m in the UK as well.
The zigbee frequency is universal so any zigbee that can pair with the ST hub, whether US or EU, will work to it.
Z-Wave is different. The frequencies between the US and EU are different, so you have to get Z wave devices that are UK compatible.
There is also a category here called “UK and Ireland Specific”, so that may be a good place to start.
I would suggest the devices probably do what they say, up to a point.
Contact sensor - Detects doors windows opening/closing.
Motion detector - detects motion.

The official compatibility list is short because it only includes devices that have actually been tested by SmartThings. Here’s the UK list:

Beyond that, see the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

While zigbee is the same frequency worldwide, there are actually many zigbee devices that won’t work with SmartThings, and a number of US zigbee devices which would be illegal to operate in the UK because the US allows for higher power transmission levels. But see the FAQ above, it will explain further.