Are the US smartthings sensors compatible with the UK Hub?


I’m thinking of getting the UK hub but to purchase the smartthings sensors from Amazon US to save on shipping (I’m in Singapore, that uses UK voltage and plug). I believe the zigbee frequencies are the same while only the z-wave frequencies are different. So am I correct to assume to that the US smartthings sensors would be compatible to use with the UK Hub since they’re on zigbee?

Thanks in advance!


The zigbee itself is compatible, but different countries have different rules on the maximum power settings allowed for zigbee devices. The ceiling in the US is about twice that of the allowed ceiling in the UK.

For this reason, the versions of the devices sold for the UK and the US are different. It would be illegal to operate the US version of zigbee sensor in the UK, for example.

I don’t know what the maximum allowed ceilings are for Singapore, but you should check that first.

(pillock) #3

I’m using US Sensors on a UK Hub, after my US hub got bricked and swapped out but I kept the sensors.
Experiencing no problems at all, ST Support suggested that like you say, anything Zigbee is fine and all the ST branded sensors (currently) use Zigbee.

(James) #4

Hi Guybrush, where do you order from? as i also in singapore. I want to buy smartthings UK hub.


I bought from Samsung UK site, delivered it to my borderlinx account to be reshipped to SG :slight_smile:

(James) #6

how much is the postal cost? ha ha ha

(James) #7

did you managed to make it with with wall switches, TV and etc?


Oh yeah, I couldn’t complete the order at Samsung UK site by myself so I used Borderlinx’s concierge service to purchase on my behalf. The starter kit was GBP 149 during their Xmas sale, IIRC.

I paid GBP 27.38 for the shipping to Singapore, the package was 12.0x10.0x6.0 inches in size, at a weight of 1.7 / 2.36 kg (actual/volumetric).

I am using this purely for lighting and basic home security alerts, not for powering my TV etc.

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thanks … trigger the concierge service :slight_smile:


Good luck have fun!

I may have some spare Osram Lightify E27 RGBW bulbs if you’re interested. Msg me when your ST is up and running if you’re keen :slight_smile:

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Hey there, nice to know another singaporean using ST here… where did you purchase your osram lightify products? Thru Amazon US?


Bought from Amazon UK :slightly_smiling: