Uk Cylinder Lock - smartthings compatibility? (UK 2019)

I have a UK Cylinder lock for my front door and would like to know if there are any smart locks for cylinder doors that’s compatible with smart things hub? Note: I’m not a software engineer so I don’t know code. Any help would be appreciated

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Thanks. As I’m sure smart things is in Europe but I have seen any offerings for snark locks specifically for UK lock setup.

With regard to oval locks, the Danalock 3 which is on the official list that @sidjohn1 Already linked to will fit many oval locks. This is a Danish company and makes products for both UK ovals and euro ovals. It fits over the inside thumbturn handle. You can email them a picture of your lock and they will tell you if it will fit.

Recently, though, the Nuki has become more popular for this.

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It doesn’t have an official integration, but if you subscribe to Rboyapps ( there is a one time lifetime subscription fee of around £40 which gives you access to their full library of code), they have a very good custom integration for the Nuki.

See the following discussion thread (the topic title is a clickable link)

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Thanks for the forwards. I’m not a programmer. So won’t know where to begin with Rboyapps.

I might have to try my luck with Danalock. I actually have a Euro profile cylinder for a carriage door. So it’s a bit of a challenge. As that is my main usage for entry. But I’ll aend them a pic to see.

I was wondering if the Yale Conexis L1would work on a europ profile cylinder.

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I believe with the L conexis you have to remove the original cylinder and replace it with the new smart lock.

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Also note that although the main site for Danalock refers to their Bluetooth lock, that’s not the model that is compatible with smartthings. So check the model numbers carefully.

Thanks I’ll take note!

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The Nuki SmartThings integration was co-developed with Nuki. It’s a very capable lock.

You can find step by step instructions on this topic here:

Danalock is also a good option. You can compare their features on their websites. I had written up a small comparison about the two sometime ago on the forum.

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I would go with the Nuki rather than Danalock.

Nuki even support HomeKit and have also added a sensor to check if the door is open or closed. (There is no point locking the lock automatically if the door is wide open.)

If anyone is interested in a night latch lock like these - then the only smart option I have seen is Yales own ‘Keyless Connected’ lock. See -

I have had one connected to Smartthings via the original version 1 Z-Wave modules but cannot get the newer V2 modules to work. Neither Yale or Smartthings have been any help, both claim it does work despite my having tried three modules, two hubs and found a similar report from another user.