Anybody have any ideas in a Smart lock that will work for this setup

I recently moved and I am gutted that I cannot seem to find a smart lock that will work in my new house on the front door. Apparently it is some sort of new very secure door lock system and the few companies I have contacted said that their lock is not compatible. A lot of people here think out of the box so after looking at the pics I posted does anyone have the same door lock and have found something that works?

Or does anyone out there have any suggestions? Crazy how you get so dependent on the keyless lock. Simple things like taking the dog for a walk.

First, what country are you in? The device selection does vary.

Second, is that a mortise lock of the kind that you have to slightly lift up to engage the bolt? If so, smart locks can’t work with it.

Third, that Turnbolt is quite an unusual shape, I’m not sure it would work with the usual retrofit locks like a Nuki.

Are you renting or do you own? Could you replace the lock all together?

Tagging @rboy , Who is an expert on locks and might have some suggestions.

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Thanks for reply. I am in Canada. No you don’t have to lift up to disengage the bolt it turns as normal. I guess I could replace the lock all together but that would be the last resort as house is brand new.

If you can remove the deadbolt mounting turn and make it expose a thin key like structure/flat plate you could mount something like a Nuki on it.

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Depending on how far out of the box you want to go Haven may work for you.

Thanks Rboy, I will look into that. I have contacted them with a picture to see what they say.


sidjohn1 thanks for the reply. Looks pretty cool but maybe a little to far out of the box.

I’ve seen a similar looking smart lock recently, the Yale Doorman.

It is designed for Scandinavian type locks. Does your door has an oval cylinder by any chance?

But from your pictures is not clear that is the lock only at the middle of the door, or is it extended from top to bottom with additional latches to lock it. If top to bottom then the Doorman might not the right one.

Thanks. pretty sure that will not work. I have been digging more into it now and the type of lock system is called multilock and the brand is GU. Basically it has a rectangle bolt/latch that is opened up by a knob on the inside and key outside. Once the door is unlocked the handle is pushed down to open the door which release’s two additional bolt/latchs. So basically all the smart lock needs to do is be able to turn the main rectangular bolt to lock or unlock. Seems simple but can’t seem to find fit. More pictures below.

Multilocks usually require the handle to be lifted up before locking the door by key, to lock those additional two latches.

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Maybe not a multilock then as I just open and close the door like any other normal door. No lifting, or pushing needed?

Then your best option is probably the Nuki, if that could turn the deadbolt’s square shaft, if the deabolt can be removed. As @JDRoberts suggested.

Do you have to turn the key twice to lock it? Or once is enough to lock it?

Thanks for your continued responses and help, much appreciated. I have contacted then and sent pictures but I am not sure that one will work either as I don’t think I can remove the bolt and the installation videos look like the doors have a key lock on the inside.

I only turn the key once to lock it. I

Talk with a locksmith. That looks like a Scandinavian oval cylinder. You might can change the internal finish of the lock to something else, where you can easily fit a Nuki or a Dana lock.

Look at this:

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May be the last resort but I may have to

If you can remove the inside part from the door and replace with something where the deadlock and the latch has their own pieces, then you will have a good chance that the Nuki will work.

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I started this awhile ago looking for some help and forgot to post my solution in case anyone else runs into the same issue. I stumbled across a smart lock company called Candy House the lock is called Sesame Lock.

The were an amazing company to work with. I sent them my issue, they asked for photos and measurements and in return they sent me a free 3d printer drawing for an adaptor that made their lock work for me. Super easy to get done. The lock and software itself are great. I just have not integrated it with Smartthings yet but am working on it. Highly recommend the product and the company.