Smart lock for thick doors (7cm)

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I have samsung smartthings hub (US version) and I have ordered a Yale smart lock YRD 226 (US zwave) that is coming on its way. However, I just found out that my door thickness is about 7 cm (2 3/4) and the maximum thickness YRD 226 is compatible with is 2 1/4. So can I have any work around for this?

I live in Egypt and our door locks here in Egypt is Euro profile (Cylinderical) however, I was going to open a new key hole in my home door above the existing one to be able to install YRD 226. So will I face any issue due to the door thickness mentioned.

Appreciate your support. Hope there is any workaround available to get it installed. If not, can you please advise for a zigbee or zwave smart lock that can be installed on a 7 cm door thick? I need it a US z wave to be compatible with the US samsung hub.

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Bassem Melika.

You could chisel out 1/4 in on both sides…A little caulk and walk away.

Hi Rontalley,

Thanks for your feedback. The door is shielded, so can I still chisel? Attached for you the door below

Most people in this kind of situation use a retrofit lock which doesn’t have an exterior piece. Instead, it just fits over the existing turnbolt on the interior door. That way it doesn’t matter how thick the door is.

There are three models that will work with the US hub that you might consider.

The highest rated is the August pro three, which supports Z wave and Bluetooth with its Bridge device.

The Danalock is from a European manufacturer. The ratings have generally been lower than the August, although I hear the newest generation is better.


And then Kwikset recently introduced a new model called “Convert” Which is a similar style. I haven’t heard much about that one way or the other yet. (do not get the “Amazon key“ model; that one does not work with SmartThings. Get the regular Z wave model.)

All of these come in multiple colors.

If you use any of these three models, you do not change the exterior hardware for your lock. So you have to have a smart phone to use the lock from the outside. Or you have to add a separate keypad device.

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I really appreciate your prompt feedback. Will I still need August’s connect bridge if I have ST hub? Also my original door lock close and opens many deadbolts all over the door, so will augusts motor can easily open and close those? Affect battery?
Sorry for my newbie questions.

I guess August wont work as well. Its only compatible with deadbolt locks and not euro style cylinderical ones.

That’s the challenge with trying to use US frequency devices in a zone with European style hardware and wiring. It’s just very difficult to find devices that will work with that combination.

You might take a look at the Danalock again, I believe it will work with more turnbolt types.

I don’t know if it will fit the style of lock you are describing, though. You would need to check with the manufacturer.

Check out Nuki locks, they are designed for European locks:

We’ve been working with them and they’re pretty flexible, supports 360 and 720 degree turns also.

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Yea I believe thats the one that should work. Hope that its reliable and there wont be issues with battery.

Thanks a lot dear for your outstanding support.

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And now we have an integration for Nuki products in SmartThings (starting with the lock and adding the keypad and other devices in future).