Two people, two phones, V2 Hub - How?


I just got my V2 Hub in yesterday, and I finally got it working. My girlfriend connected to it via her account, but how do I connect my account, so the Hub know that we are two people living in the house, so it can begin to actually automate stuff?

I see no option for “Add fmaily member”, and at best I get a error message on her phone.

Is there an easy way to set up a family situation and start using the smarter things of the Hub?

Not available at thie time ST is working on it.

top men are working on it, top men.


I’m chasing the same issue… I don’t really care about the app on all phones, I care about the phone being setup as presence detector…

I was having the same issue too until I found out here that the feature wasn’t working. This is some basic functionality that I’m surprised ST would release without. I emailed tech support and they said the same thing, they are working on it.I hope that this feature makes it in the next update.

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Just got off chat with support and was told that a new firewall version is coming out next week that should enable this feature again.

If you don’t mind could you elaborate a bit on what you found out. I’m totally new to ST, so I’m not sure what you meant by a “firewall version”. And is it that they are close to making it so there are two users or is it that you can add a second phone as new presence detector?

HA, I meant to say a firmware version. When I got on chat I mentioned that I was trying to enable presences for my wifes phone I just wanted to how to. The person I was chatting with stated that it has been disabled and that a firmware was being released that would put that functionality back.

Sorry for the mix up!


I’m running Version 2.0.4 on my IOS. Does anyone have a different version installed? I updated the app yesterday. I still cannot add my wife’s phone as a presence sensor without the error.

From what I understand they need to release an app update to fix the error. It is in the end stages of development and near release. They have not given a timeline but the fact there are updates coming from developers means it has got to be close.

Adding a new User in app v2

It’s been more that two weeks from your post. How duo I upgrade the firmware. The option to have two users is essential, there are some functions that don’t behave logically if there is no way to let the hub know that a trusted person is in the house so there is no reason to trigger changes on a door sensor or movement sensor.

No update as of yet. We are all waiting for this one. I am pretty sure it will get posted all over the forum once it’s out. You won’t miss it.

This post is over two years old. Am I to understand it is still an issue. My wife and I received a SmartThings Starter kit as a Christmas gift and I have been unable to connect to it with both of our phones. If Samsung can’t fix this after two years I have serious doubts about their ability/desire to fix future issues. I will have to see about returning this and buying something else that does work.

Check here:

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