How to properly use two phones?

Just started with a smartthings v2 hub. Have a new question about using 2 phones.

I want both me and my wife to be able to use the phone and see status and have control over the devices. And I would like to see status about which phone is away/home, etc.

I downloaded the app on to both of our iphone and logged in (same user). But I only see one phone listed in the devices list (my phone, the one I registered first). Further, when I left for work this morning, the phone status still shows home. It’s only when my wife left home that I see it’s shown as away.

What I do need to do to have both phones show up independently in the device list, and the status reflect each accordingly? Do I need to create two different accounts? That seems strange and how does the second account get access to my account?

Thank you.

You will need to have your wife login under a different email address after inviting from your account. Currently this functionality is broken though. It is supposed to come back soon.

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I wonder if you could just go add a new phone presence from your wife’s phone while logged in as your username:

  1. Go to the Marketplace tab.
  2. Make sure it’s on the Things section.
  3. Tap “Coming and Going”.
  4. Tap “Mobile Phone”.
  5. Tap “Connect Now”.

I did that for my wife’s and daughter’s phone. The issue you will have is everyone gets notifications. Just make sure to name it correctly.

Everyone has always gotten notifications when logged into the app, in my experience. My husband gets the same notifications that I do with the account I created for him way back when. At least with iOS.

Maybe this “contacts” function I read about might change that, but I don’t have it in my app yet.


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This worked for me, thanks! I had the exact same requirement/problem as wildgoose. I went to the smartthings site and quickly found where it said you couldn’t share an account with a spouse, which quickly drove me to here.

Smartthings tards’…are y’all freakin kidding? You jacked up the multiple users functionality? That’s pretty darn important. Thank god the community can overcome most of the boneheaded things you do.

Still couldn’t quite get it to work the way I want. :wink:

On my wife’s phone, if I sign in as her own account, I can’t connect it to my hub. If I sign up using my account, I see the hub, and we both get notifications, but both phones are listed with the same name, and phone leaving/arriving doesn’t fully work independently.

I do see two phones in my account under devices, and I tried using the web UI to name them with different names, but still both phones get notified under one name, so it didn’t work either.

Has there been any progress since then? This is kind of counter intuitive. Why can’t they make it work like the apple account? one account, many devices, simple. Isn’t two people with 2 phones the most common usage case?

I got a second hub, and have an even bigger problem now with the 2nd hub showing up as disconnected whenever my phone arrives at that location. I’ll post this in a separate thread.

Has the “broken issue” been fixed? I would like to add another to my hub and I found this helpful thread but it is a little dated as of Fall '15.


yes, this functionality works. today, i plugged in my hub, connected devices, downloaded the mobile app onto my phone, invited my wife to share my account. i downloaded the app on my wife’s phone. created an account for her using her email. joined my account from her phone.

i’m still working through the app and trying different things. i’ll probably have questions soon too if i can’t find them using the search.

For some reason my Wife’s phone gets the notifications (her’s is the second phone put on and under her own email address.) I had to set mine up to SMS to my google voice number.

What setting am I missing on my phone to get the notifications. Nexus 6P Android N

can you verify that both phones are under the family tab? i would think that if both those are present, then both should receive notifications.

my home -> family

Woke up this morning, triggered some door sensors and everything works… The system must have had to sleep on it. Both phones getting the alerts now…

Im having problems with this app/ST. It says go to “Marketplace”, then “Things”. I don’t see “Coming and Going”. very frustrating. I want to add my wife so her presence (smartphone) is noticed when she comes home. It only shoes my phone. I also can’t get her added to “Family”. I set her up with her own account and she’s logged in, but it only shows my info.

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  1. Log in using your account

  2. From your phone, under Account send email to spouse

  3. From spouse phone, create an account using the email - login.

  4. To add as “presence” - navigate to MarketPlace

  5. Tab to Things

  6. Scroll to Sensors
    7, select “Presence”

  7. Select “Mobile Phone” at the top


I had a dumb question related to the presence sensor on separate phones. If I invite my roommates under my ST account, I understand they would then have full access to everything within the app (which means they can view data and change settings). I’m honestly not very comfortable about that prospect. Has anyone found a way to prevent the secondary accounts from being able to view data and/or edit anything?

Additionally, is there at least a way to prevent them from being able to receive any push notifications or would it go to all phones logged into the ST app?

I’d like to set up a CoRE piston to auto set the alarm to away when everyone leaves (or disarm when one of us arrives), however, I don’t want them being able to do anything under the hood. Any thoughts?

If you don’t want them to access the app at all and just want presence, you could get them the physical presence sensors that go on a key ring.

As @Nashirak said. To use the phones I believe they will have to have the full app. You could give them some access though a guest pannel in ActionTiles limiting what they have contol of/see.

Edit: for presence i second the life360. Possibly also with tasker but not familliar with it.

Another way to just give them presence is to use Life360.

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