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How do I allow my wife to interact with my 2.0 Hub. I have been searching for a while and can not find an answer.

I read a lot about “Invite her from your account”. OK. I understand all of those words, but I can find no way to do this.

If I go into the app and select “Manage Users” and then “Add User”, I can enter in her email address. (Wow!!! this is going so well!!!)

When I select “Done”, I am greeted with a very friendly message in an angry red box saying “This feature is coming soon”.

So, how do all of the experts on these community boards accomplish “Invite her from your account”?

Here’s a thread with 300+ messages on this topic:

Long story short: You can’t.


You can, however, log in with your account or use SmartTiles. Other options out there as well. There are certainly ways for her to access the hub. It partially depends on if you need her phone to provide presence.

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Well, that is a bummer. I swear I saw a bunch of people claiming this is possible.

Yeah, there are an awful lot of people hoping for it. It was previously available but was removed from the current version as they work out some bugs.

You’ll probably want to keep an eye on the thread that @btk linked to.

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In the app for iOS, click the 3 dots in the top right corner-> my account -> manage users ->add users-> enter your wife’s email address-> hit done-> receive a message that tells you this feature is currently disabled. :joy::joy::laughing::laughing: I contacted support and they said that this feature will be back “within a week or so”

It better be true. I will be returning my ST if that feature isn’t back before my return policy expires. Luckily I was able to get them to extended it a little so I can test this feature out as it is very critical for me

Works fine for me. Just logged into my SO’s phone with my account details and set her phone up as a presence device.

This will not work for presence. ST will now have both phone as one presence device. Unless you two leave and arrive at the same time… all the times…

False, My phone and SO’s phone are 2 separate precence devices. One can be ‘Away’ and the other ‘Present’

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For Android users. Get sharptools and tasker. Virtual presence is so much better for sure.

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With one account? 20 characters

Yes, I only have 1 account.

There you go. Looks like presence works for some users. Give it a try and let us know. Thanks @RetraC.

Looks like they released the update, I was able to add users yesterday without getting the “this feature is currently disabled” message.

Cool. Thanks for the update. I tried it and it worked. Funny that they didn’t mention this in the iTunes release notes.

This was not a new phone app update. They updated the backend servers to turn this feature back on.