Adding a new User in app v2

Hey everyone, I am running into trouble trying to add a new user to my account (so I can set up a mobile presence sensor for my wife on her phone). I keep getting an error saying that “this feature is coming soon.” … but we’ve been able to do this for a long time… did something change on how this should be done?


Yup, there’s a problem with adding new users. I already have a ticket open with support right now. It was there, but problems were discovered and it’s been turned off at the moment from what I’m told.

Conversely, I’m trying to remove a user from the app and get the same message. I’m not sure if there’s a way to manage users from the API.

Also experiencing the same issue.

Same here… Not sure if this only effects a small group of users or if it’s part of a bigger problem.

I’m having the exact same problem.

This is a known issue, hence the coming soon message. Before the coming soon you would have just received an error. Top people are on it.

Yep - me too. Bump for this thread.

Add another to the list. I’m hoping this gets fixed soon as it was how I was able to sell SmartThings to my wife, and now it doesn’t work for her. :pensive:

+1 I didn’t have the v1 hub (which means I don’t have a useful dashboard at all in the mobile app and have to click into each room or look at all my things to see what lights are on.) I’ve set up the v2 hub but I cannot add my daughter’s phone or even sense her presence via her phone. And my younger daughter’s Smartthings presence sensor false alarms every 20 minutes. That said, Alexa can now turn on my Sonos and the motion sensor in my daughter’s room has gotten rid of the problem of her leaving lights on.

I’ve had a ticket open on this issue from back in the beta period. I’m the only person in my family able to use the app now and everyone is getting frustrated.


I wish I had known this before spending 4 hours rebuilding my devices. I’m going backwards in usability.

Is there any update to this? I cannot add any users and use the presence feature???


I am also having an issue here. Cannot add a second member to the account. Currently they sign up and the app asks them for a setup code for the hub rather than some other process (I’m assuming).

Wish they fix it ASAP

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Was planning to do my migration this weekend. But if the only iphone presence I can use is my own and nobody else’s in the family, then whats the point. This makes SmarThings very unusable for me. I am surprised this hasn’t been fixed yet, since I would imagine this would have a big impact on a lot of people.

Essentially I have purchased a brick that is useless. I was never on version 1, so I can’t use v2 for anything I had planned until this is fixed.


My wife and I are having this issue as well. A fix would be nice.

Any news on if this has been fixed and if not when this will be fixed?

Its not fixed as of a couple hours ago… just tried myself. I asked yesterday about a timeline to support. They weren’t able to provide one.

I talked with support today and they said they had problems with adding users and that they are working to fix the solution. It cannot be done on their end nor programatically.

They could not give a rough time estimate when it would be fixed.

Having mobile presence is a big use-case for me.