How to use 2 iPhones with presence

I am new to SmartThings. I can not add new users to my account as that feature has been disabled. I setup my phone with presence and then I downloaded SmartThings to my wife’s phone and since I am using the same login it says I already have presence detection for this device. Any ideas on what I should do since I cannot create a sub-account.


It is currently disabled. Nobody can add additional users at the moment, pretty disappointing as I have been trying to hype the wife up about it to get her on board and I can’t even add her. I hope they fix this soon.

This is disappointing. I purchased the v.2 hub so that the wife and kids could have access to the account as well. Does anyone know whether this is something that is in development?

top men are working on it.


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This would be good as you can not yet add a second person.