Adding another user?

I must be missing something here, but I’ve just set up the smart hub starter kit (and love it by the way!). I’ve got it set up on my Android phone and now want to set up my wifes Windows Phone.

I found a blog post which said I should just add a new user, but even though the post was TWO YEARS old, the android app says that this feature is coming soon! Two years after the blog post and the functionality isnt there.

I then thought I would just log in on her phone using the same credentials, so I’ve installed the app on her phone.but it insists I go through the new hub wizard, even though I dont want to set up a new hub.

Am I missing something here or is something so fundamental with the platform actually broken?


You CANNOT use the same credentials. The mobile presence will be hosed. Her phone needs to be registered for presence detection.

Let me hunt for the steps. Will post an update.

Most of these steps should still hold good and may be slightly different for androids…

There are issues with adding users that many people are reporting, including me. I have called in a ticket to support, and I would imagine it’s not specific to the US/UK.

Got mine delivered today and getting the same thing. I assumed it may have been functionality not yet released in UK but hoping it is just a short term bug

I asked support about the “add user” option as I get the same “Coming soon” message, even though their FAQ pages walk you through all the steps. I was told that they were aware it was broken and are working on a fix.

Re using the same account seems to be working for me currently on Android. I added in the other phones and made sure I named them appropriately. I can see everybody’s status correctly, am I missing something?

I just received my v2 hub and I’m getting the same error message.

I am new to ST and having this problem also

The feature was available in the old app. We changed some of the platform architecture for the global rollout and account sharing was temporarily disabled while we work through the new global/local layers. I proooooomise it’s coming soon - @Chuck_Norris will beat me up if it doesn’t.

I hope so @Aaron! You guys have been pretty quiet lately, so I can only assume 1) you’re still coming up for air under all those support tickets, and 2) you’re getting ready for another app and feature release, right? :wink:

Any update on what soon might be? This is a missing link for many of us. Thanks.

The latest soon was 27 days? Wouldnt that be considered late…How come you cannot commit to a date for such a long time?

Don’t know if I’ve missed the announcement but I just tried adding a user and it worked!!! - well the email invite at least; need to check tonight if my other half can actually login now!


The announcement: :sunglasses:

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