Tuya Presence Sensors via Matter

Does anyone know if a tuya bridge connected to smartthings will connect the sensors and if they work better than the generic edge driver?

I don’t think there will be a difference in performance between using a Tuya bridge connected to ST and a generic edge driver without a Tuya bridge. The only drawback using the edge driver would be for you to find the correct driver or email the relevant guys to add the fingerprint to the driver if not in it already.

There can be other advantages to using a matter bridge option if one is available.

  1. you will be able to update the firmware on the device when needed, which is typically not possible when connected without the bridge.

  2. you will be able to use the device with both platforms simultaneously, which may give you access to features which are not available when used just with SmartThings.

  3. you may find that the device has fewer “off-line“ status problems then it does when connected just with SmartThings. I have found this to definitely be true with some aqara sensors, for example.

  4. if you also add the device via matter to Alexa, you may have some local voice control with it. Of course, for a presence sensor that may not be a big deal, but it is an advantage that matter has.

All of that said, I haven’t heard of any of the Zigbee MM wave sensors being available via a tuya bridge yet, but they are adding more devices all the time :thinking:

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Thanks @JDRoberts, when I purchased the Tuya Presence sensor last year, they said it will work only through the Tuya bridge so am assuming the MM Wave sensors were available to use with the Bridge since Mid-last year at least but I ignored them and went with Wesley’s driver. Nevertheless, I fully agree there are other advantages as you mentioned (and may be more) using the Tuya bridge as opposed to the custom edge driver.

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I don’t think Matter is currently the integration method for that device, and it certainly wasn’t last year as their matter bridge only came out a few months ago.

Instead, there is a cloud to cloud integration available for some Tuya devices. You connect the Tuya device to a tuya hub and the Smartlife or tuya app. There is then a cloud to cloud integration available between your Tuya account and your SmartThings account. But it’s a pretty limited integration and often has to be done via scenes created in the Tuya/Smartlife app.

FAQ: How does TuyaSmart Integration work? [Updated 2023]

Tuya support may have called it a “bridge” last year, but it definitely wasn’t a “Matter bridge” because they didn’t have one then. And it wouldn’t have been a local integration. :man_shrugging:t2:

Makes sense and you know what, I missed the last two words in the subject and next time before responding, I will keep my eyes fully peeled:-)

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I tried my presence sensor tuya to connect via my tuya matter bridge. I have a ZY-M100. This sensor never worked with Smartthings.

Via Matter is worked limited. It shows movement ( in this case presence ) and light. But you have no possibilities to chance something or see some information about the presence. Here you need the tuya app


Integrating the Tuya mmWave sensors to ST via their Matter Bridge hubs has one huge advantage - it keeps these spammy devices away from the ST Zigbee network, letting the Tuya hub to handle the extensive traffic. Make sure the Tuya and ST hubs are on different Zigbee channels. You can see the Tuya hub channel by clicking on the ‘Device Information’ icon in the Smart Life app.

Tuya ‘presence’ sensors are represented correctly as motion sensors in ST. These are not presence sensors (like the Samsung presence sensor or mobile phone presence), but just very sensitive motion sensors detecting changes of the mmWave signals reflection from any object (a human moving, human breathing, or a pet, or a fan, or a plant leaves moving…). nothing else.

Not all of the Tuya mmWave sensors are exposed via their Matter Bridges. It is again a lottery whether your particular Tuya Zigbee device will be exposed via the Matter bridge hub or not.

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can you use the motion and light in smartthings routines?

Yes, you can


I have the 24 ghz ZY-M100 and it does not show up in smartthings when connected via matter. I assume you have the original 5 ghz version?

Yes, have you restart both hubs ? I must do that bevor Matter Devices shown in Smartthings everytime ( only woth tuya devices )

yes, restarting still shows no devices

Thats intressting.

I have connected it wirh the a Tuya Matter Gateway

After this I connected the Gateway with Matter to Smartthings

Than the devices appear ( one button is missing , but the sensor is here )

I use this Tuya Gateway



I use this one, which im pretty sure is the same thing.

I have the square usb powered motion sensor, it looks like you have the in-ceiling one

You have two different devices.

Sadly, with Tuya Matter Bridge gateways it is still a lottery whether a Zigbee device will be exposed via the bridge or not.

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I have also the usb powered. The picture in tuya app is wrong

i found this thread in the tuya developers forum that you started
and am currently trying to get them to add matter for my specific device and it looks like they cant tell what to add just by looking at the device or the datapoints

fingers crossed i guess

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