Tuya smart wired gateway pro cannot work correctly through matter in smartthings

Although the Tuya SMART WIRED GATEWAY PRO hub is compatible with matter, it is not properly recognized in smartthings. Specifically, I have issues in recognizing the Tuya presence sensor: ZG-205Z which, despite being connected to the Tuya smart wired gateway pro, it is not correctly recognized in smartthings.

Can anyone help me?

I would start by getting in touch with tuya support for whatever company sold the gateway. Find out exactly how that device should appear when bridged. (For example, that kind of sensor often shows up as one motion sensor per zone rather than as an occupancy sensor.)

Also: did the gateway itself add OK? Is it showing in SmartThings as a matter bridge?

For example, here is how my aqara M2 hub shows up as a matter bridge in the SmartThings app:

The gateway is listed as a device, and it says connected.
The matter logo shows down towards the bottom right of the page.
The individual child devices are listed on the right as “connected devices“

As with all matter bridges, you don’t add the individual sensors to SmartThings. You add the gateway, and then it should bring along whatever connected devices it has that it supports bridging.


Correct, I firstly add the presence sensor to the tuya hub and then I share the hub in smartthings. In this way the sensor is imported in smartthings. I send the images here below. It appears like your devices but my problem is that my sensor in smartthings is stucked showing presence and I cannot find any useful option that I can set.

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I tried to connect this gateway to smartthings. And I failed. It works the way Andrea B described. But the big problem is : after adding it to ST it brings all the device in ST. But if you add ine device more, this devices will not shown in ST. If you delete the Gateway I cant add it again. I must reset the complete gateway. So it is useless

I thought I had that problem with my SwitchBot hub 2 Matter bridge, but the new device ended up showing up the next day. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Try rebooting one of the hubs - the matter interface will be reinitialized and the new device will hopefully be discovered automatically.

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I made a funny expirience, but I can’t explain it.

It only connects wenn you close the Tuya app. When the app stays open , no connection.

If you copy the code and close the app than it works. I tried this several times yesterday. It works everytime this way. With open app it dosn’t work.


But I reached my goal. I have a Hama thermostat
They are not compatible with Smartthings. Only Tuya, Google Home and Alexa.

With this gateway they are now show also in Smartthings and they also work. So this is nice Matter advantage.

I think the Gateway qualitiy is not the best , but for now it will do the job