FAQ: How does TuyaSmart Integration work? [Updated 2023]

In addition to Aone zigbee devices I have number of Tuya Smart WiFi devices such as Water Level Sensor, Smart Plugs and Smoke Alarms. All these work with the TuyaSmart App but are very limited. In SmartThings App if I try and add a device by Manufacturer. Tuya is listed. I can see the device types I have and when I select and go next it lists Tuya Smart in the window. Tapping this gives another page which says “Successfully connected to Tuya Smart” and below “Linked to SmartThings”. However none of the devices show up in the app. I appreciate not many devices are compatible with SmartThings but what is the Tuya Smart cloud integration supposed to do. Do I now have to install specific DTH for things to appear/work?

If you open each device in the SmartLife/Tuya app and hit the edit icon (pencil) it will list the “3rd party controls” that are available for that device.

I have a number of SmartLife devices. Most list Alexa and Google controls. Only 1 lists Smartthings and only 1 lists IFTTT

There is a work around for some devices

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Work around - Here is the long version.

Pair each device with the SmartLife or related app.

In the SmartLife or related apps create separate Tap-to-Run (Scenes) automations. This currently doesn’t work with the Tuya app and integration.

Then in SmartThings: add device (+), add partner devices, chose Smart Life (or related integration), and follow prompts.

When you go back to the devices tab in SmartThings you will find ON and OFF switches for each device possibly under No Room Assigned.

They will say they are Connected. You can wake them up by turning them on and off. You only need to do this once for each imported switch.

Create a virtual switch in SmartThings using the Advanced Web App, the vEdge Creator Edge Driver or using SmartThings Labs on the Menu tab in the mobile app. ST Labs.

Using SmartThings Routines create 2 Routines. One will say toggle the “ON” scene when the virtual switch is turned “ON”. The second will say toggle the "OFF” scene when the virtual switch is turned “OFF”.

I have been using for several with no issues.

Revised 9/24/2023 & 12/6/2023


Nice write up! :sunglasses: If you turn the device on manually, does the status change in the SmartThings app?

This won’t be an issue for smart plugs, but it will for wall switches. :thinking:

If you manually turn a SmartLife switch on or off that is using the work around the status does NOT change in Smartthings.

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No. I had to use webcore trickery to mimic the manual operations.

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Except webcore would only be a short term solution at this point. Since it will be phased out when groovy is shut down.


Many thanks for your reply. I will try your workaround.

One thing however how do you disconnect Tuya and SmartLife from SmartThings account as I think I may need to start again from scratch.

Has this workaround bollocksed up for anyone else as of sometime yesterday? Not working for me today after being stable ever since this became possible

Got to Menu tab, gear symbol, linked services, 3 dots, delete and than select the SmartLife and/or Tuya connection.

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My Tuya/SmartLife devices are still working in Smartthings this morning.

Tuya devices fell of network (cloud) sometime yesterday as some of my Amazon routines stopped working. However they are working today.

Many thanks Now found it.

Instead of deleting, you may want to try opening the integration first in linked services and click done. (Give it time to sync) It may help get devices connected again and avoid deleting and adding them back which might be a hassle if you have many devices. It does not always work but again, a step you can try in the future to avoid the process of deleting the integration.


Cheers. This didn’t work, and deleting a reconnecting the integration didn’t work.
The the tap-to-runs work when launched from the smartlife app, they get added to smartthings ok but nothing happens when I run them now. I’m using Automations to assign them to v switches rather than webcore or sharptools. Very annoying. I don’t really know what else I can try :frowning:

Did you wake of the devices that were imported into Smartthings. You can do that using the web portal. You only need to do it once for each imported device.

Also your automation needs to toggle the imported Smart Life devices. See my automation.

Just wanted to say this all started working again about 3 days after my last message, JUST before I was going to swap out the plug for a meross one which I know has a way better integration. Not sure why it failed for 3 days but hey ho.

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How to wake them up using the ST?

If you are talking about SmartLife/Tuya scenes imported onto Smartthings, you need to go to the Smartthings web portal my.smartthings.com and turn the device on and off a few times.

I signed in into ST web portal and it also says the device is offline, so I can’t turn them on and off.