Tuya Human Presence Sensor: Reviews and Edge Driver Options?

I’ve searched the forum and it does not appear that there is any work being done to develop an edge driver for the following Human Presence Sensor (HPS). Can one be developed?

This s a Tuya Zigbee sensor so perhaps the driver that Profile - ygerlovin - SmartThings Community has created could be adopted to work? I have not purchased the device and therefore I cannot provide the device’s fingerprints.

Also, Profile - JDRoberts - SmartThings Community, since HPS are becoming more popular, I am requesting that a HPS category be added to the Quick Browse Lists for Edge Drivers

Finally, does anyone have a recommendation for the best HPS currently available that is supported by an edge driver? By best I am referring to a high accuracy of detection and which preferably has the ability for multiple zone detection within a single room. Thanks in advance for help and advice.

Here are comments from a Amazon Customer regarding connectivity with the ST App:
Limited Compatibility, but Adequate Performance

By Random User in the United States on June 11, 2023Being somewhat knowledgeable about tech, I was excited about the Smart Human Presence Sensor, especially since it utilized zigbee technology. My hope was that it would seamlessly integrate with various smart home hubs, including Samsung SmartThings. Unfortunately, I was let down when it failed to connect with SmartThings, despite its zigbee compatibility. The absence of this integration was a disappointment. On the positive side, the sensor itself performed adequately, accurately detecting movement and enabling automation. However, due to the limited compatibility with SmartThings, I must rate it a 3 out of 5 stars. see less

UPDATE: I read the article “Best MmWave Human Presence Sensor Comparison: Aqara FP1, Tuya ZY-M100 And PS-HPS” and it provided considerable guidance for my question asking for a recommendation on the best available HPS

I’ve moved this to its own topic.

Please limit posts in the “request for edge Drivers” topics to a single request for a single device, and not open up discussion about reviews, etc. Otherwise the community developers who are working so hard to meet these requests just get overwhelmed. Thanks!

As far as the quick browse lists, these are sensors, they are on the sensors list, along with the other kinds of sensors. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for people to find them there. They are certainly not any more popular than, say, temperature sensors, or air quality sensors.

Since the forum limits us to five tags per topic, if we start trying to break out each sensor into its own list pretty soon we won’t be able to tag the relevant topics which will make it harder to find things, not easier. :thinking:

Got it. Thanks @JDRoberts

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Tuya uses a lot of proprietary clusters: I would lower your expectations for integration options for any of their devices, even a simple light switch.

The good news is that tuya does intend to create a “matter bridge“ hub for release later this year. Once that happens and smartthings adds support for importing matter bridges (they promised that, but it’s not here yet) then the easiest integration with tuya devices may be to buy their own hub and then bring that hub into your smartthings account via matter.

It’s not here yet, but the trajectory looks good. :sunglasses:


Thanks for that information @JDRoberts. This is exciting news!

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