Tuya Matter Integration updating

Hello everyone

I connected a Tuya Matter Hub to Smartthings via Matter. This is working well so far and the hub has brought all Zigbee devices from the Smart Life app with it, even those that were not previously transferred to Smartthings via the cloud connection. But now I noticed that when you connect a new device to the Tuya Hub, it doesn’t appear in Smartthings. The device only appears as soon as you disconnect the hub from Smartthings and set it up again. Does anyone know a trick on how to take over the devices with a hub that is already connected? Thank you

There is a known matter bridge issue that applies to all matter bridges right now, but it’s not quite the same as what you’re describing, and fortunately is a bit less of a headache.

I haven’t tried it specifically with tuya bridge because I don’t have one of those. But with both SwitchBot and Aqara matter bridges, when you add new child devices to the matter bridge, you have to reboot both the SmartThings hub and then the matter bridge, and then that updates the matter connection and you get all the available child devices. But you don’t have to actually remove the bridge or rebuild Any routines or anything. Just power down and power up again on the two hubs.

So you might try that and see if it works. Either way, let us know what happens. It’s possible there’s a separate different issue with Tuya. :thinking:


This is a good idea. Thank you. I will test this

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I tested it. This is the solution. Restart of both bridges and the device is here.

I hope in future there will be a better way to to this. But it works