Service down again? (January 22, 2018)

Can’t login to the IDE or app… thats 2 outages in my first month…

Nothing working in ST at all in UK

Something is going on.
I’m in UK. Pistons appear to be firing but no ST app or IDE access.

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Same problem here

Good on the original server (graph.api)

IDE is up again but the mobile app wants me to do the sign up process again :frowning:

IDE and ST app now accessible again.
This has me going though.
My internet went down the pan 30 minutes before. Had to reboot my router. Then ST was flaky. Wasn’t sure what was happening.
EDIT: I’ll be honest. If my internet hadn’t died I wouldn’t have known there had been an issue.

Back up and running now

Just sign in NOT sign up. That’s what I did.

Ok this completely baffles me. For some reason the outage threw me out of the mobile app. Launching it again gives me:

  • I am new to smartthings
  • I am a smartthings user

Selecting the smartthings user forces me to select country and enter the device code. The correct code is refused. No way to get in. Then I felt brave and selected new to smartthing and the app goes “oh hey you’re already a user and logged in”… Very smooth and understandable user experience…

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ok so it wasnt me then! It was driving me crazy, as I couldn’t log on

Strange I just signed in again.

I had the same issue and the whole app thing asking me to log back in really confused me.

A few days ago I came across this ST system down site, see [here]
(, I signed up via sms message and shortly after my issues with the app I got an SMS from ST telling me there was an issue, saved my sanity :stuck_out_tongue: