Can't login to IDE 1/24/2019

I can’t seem to login to the IDE this morning. Anyone else having this issue? I keep getting invalid user name or password.

Working for me

Not for me. Not sure what is going on. I’ll give it a little more time before contacting support.

Not working for me. Can not log in.

Finally got logged in. Logged back out, then couldn’t log in again. So it apparently is intermittent.

no trouble at 1216 EST

i’m having trouble too. apparently my work is having global ISP issues, though.

I have not been able to log in for a couple of months. I have contacted Customer Service for SmartThings. They told me it is a Samsung problem. Samsung said it is a SmartThings problem. I was never able to resolve the problem. SmartThings support said that eventually I will receive a notice that I have to convert to the new app and I will then be able to log in. It has not happened yet.

I haven’t had time to use the IDE in a few months but am ready to get back into it but find out I can’t login with my smartthings account.

Have sent emails for help a couple days ago and no response.

Now what? I just don’t get to use it?

SmartThings account or Samsung account?? Did you try selecting Samsung account when logging in? And you are logging in at

I dont have a samsung account tied to my smartthings hub.

From what I have read there will be an invitation on the app but I do not see the invitation to convert my smartthings login to a samsung login.

Can I force this conversion somewhere?

Anybody have any suggestions?

I sent in two tickets for help over a week ago. no response.
Am I just out of luck?

If the IDE is abandoned then I’ll just move on to something else. If it is still active but I just dont have a samsung account then I would like to fix it so I can login.

Shouldn’t be hard to do???


Have you tried calling? I got them within 15 minutes of calling last Saturday.

I got an email from support saying issue was fixed.

I was able to login to the Smartthings IDE with a Samsung account (using my smartthings username/password).

Woohoo! I tried again and was able to log in. I logged in with my Samsung account and used my Samsung user id and password. I got right into my IDE. Finally!

I have changed my password successfully over and over but I cannot log into the IDE anymore. Support just wants screen shots of the failed login screens.

Try using an incognito/private tab in your browser when logging in

and make sure you’re choosing Samsung login

I have been using the Samsung login. Interestingly, I can use my same credentials to login successfully at but not on the IDE login page. All attempts to log into on my Samsung account fail. I’ve tried changing my password and still I get login fails on I tried logging in incognito and both on Chrome and Firefox and still the errors persistent. Interestingly, the classic mobile app signs in just fine.

try logging into instead of directly to your shard