Is there a problem with the developer portal/connection to my apps?

My phone is sitting here spinning while trying to connect to the server. And when i try to go to the development tools, it is failing,

Same here… Dev IDE as well as ST app is down for me…

Experiencing same issues.

Yup, down here too.

It’s not just you! looks down from here.

That’s an interesting site. Cool thanks for that.

Very cool tool. Thanks!

Of course this happens on the day I take off of work to install some new smart switches…

It is identified as a problem at

Event Processing Issues
Investigating - Users may be experiencing issues loading their Dashboard and processing events. We’re working to identify the issue and will update shortly.

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Same issue for me. Lost connectivity (mobile app) about an hour ago.

Funny thing is it happened right when I was updating some smart apps in IDE. Good thing it was not me.

I sometimes feel the same way when something goes wrong and I’ve been tinkering. “Oh no! I broke Smartthings!” :open_mouth:

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Ah! You jinxed it for all of us! Problem identified!

It looks like everything is back up. Just as I was about to go do something else…

These issues are becoming all to often, it is going to render ST unusable. If these outages continue I may have look at other solutions. Very frustrating, we all invest money and time only to be disappointed in the reliability of the system.

I am hoping they figure it out I really like the platform!

Hopefully the timing of the platform update today was just coincidental.