Time based events failing?

I haven’t found anything that helps beyond what I believe you’ve already tried (deleting and recreating the Routines that use sunrise/sunset). However, I may have found the key to getting Support’s attention. Bear in mind, the description that follows is anecdotal, so take it for what it is. Whenever I open or update a ticket via email, it is several days (if ever) before I hear back. Without fail, every time I’ve done it online. I hear back within 10 minutes. It gives the impression that their notification system for incoming emails is broken, and activity is only discovered after a periodic check. I hope I’m wrong; YMMV.

I cannot find the post about you watchdog process. and you provide a summary or direct link thanks.

Created a post for it: https://community.smartthings.com/t/watchdog-smartapp-for-sunrise-sunset-mode-changes/27892


thanks I will take a look but not what I need. I have no mode changes on sunrise sunset only lights coming on and setting dimming levels in two different locations. I will look at the code and see if there is something I can use. But I already set up a back rule that turns them on also later than any sunset based on time…

I was hoping you had written something that actually goes through the scheduled processes in the ide and alerts you if something is wrong.

That’s a better idea than I am a coder right now… :smile:

Instead of using IFTTT to change modes, just have it work on your switch directly. I never heard of a switch complaining about being turned on or off twice.

I would only do this for critical items (like I do for mode changes), otherwise you are just setting up more things to maintain.

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The following is an old topic, but you may find something more like what you’re looking for there. If not, some of the people there can probably help.

my mode change has never failed
I have it to change mode after midnight when things quiet down (It fires based on motion first then checks time no scheduling needed I think)

I also have when things start happening after 5:30 am in morning…

actually the mode change failed once… it got flakey and thought my presence sensor came back even though it never showed it leaving and disarmed in the middle of the night… I slightly changed the routine to never fire if in night mode…
Shouldn’t happen again :slight_smile:

Looked at that looking again. but as far as I can tell the smartapps in smartlighting turn on lights after sunset etc do not do polling so this is not relevant… What we need is something to go through the ide urls and check for a time in the past… and alert you because I don’t believe you can fix it directly through the web urls. Basically the same code that smartthings themselves did (if you don’t trust them :wink: ) but not sure we can call the same apis the obviously used.

Ok so this AM my Night Mode never switched to Day So I did it manually via the ST App. All seemed well till this afternoon when I left home. Ten minutes out I get a message saying the mode was changed to Goodbye Night WTH … It is 3PM in the afternoon. Look at the log particularly at the time ands the message.

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Well, this is one way of stopping the complaints about things not working - don’t let anyone in (http://status.smartthings.com/incidents/zrjkt73d8bfv)!

Seriously though… I don’t have any issues connecting or controlling things remotely. Oh wait… maybe the predictions of California sliding into the ocean came true, and we’re no longer part of north America.

It was fixed before you had a chance to post it on the forum

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Things worked great when the hotfix that went in, until today. The 3rd party smart apps that use schedule() are failing again.

Typical range after saving settings is it works for a day or two, then stop.

Any more news on this @slagle?

Yeah, just like the fix for the scheduling issues. :wink:

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Just wanted to let you know that I just signed up on your most frustrating list. My light on motion problems are back, the schedules are not being created properly and my presence sensor went haywire AGAIN!

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Are you still having issues with scheduling, too?

Problem solved! DO NOT USE …“Turn On and Set Level.” See below link

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i don’t believe this as I use turn on and set level on two devices. while it doesn’t always work I have no such issues as you describe. There is something more going on than just that…ie

Call it the super bug, it doesn’t affect all of the smart apps at the same time, it has a random pattern BUT once is triggered a lot of things are acting up. Maybe it is coincidental but every time one of my motion activated lights failed to schedule, other things started happening. I think at the root of the problem is a conflict between the local and cloud processing. Do I have the whole picture of what’s happening, no, do I really want to have that picture, no.It is not my job to troubleshoot and discover bugs, but you bet I am happy when my lights work. It’s been 10 frustrating days…

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Actually, no. I was referring to ST having refrained from posting the time-based failures, etc. as an issue until they had a solution in hand (10 days later). I’m sure the fact that it made them look like heroes was totally coincidental.

Certain scheduled events are still dieing. In both my hubs the weather tile stopped refreshing…till I updated thee smartapp see the following logs.