Smart Lighting Automations - Not working anymore

I have installed several Connected Cree bulbs in my home with the smart lighting automation to turn them on and off using the specific time of day trigger. It used to work fine, but lately it does not work reliably or at all. Is there an issue and if so, is someone working on a fix?

Huh… I think this is the first most of us have heard of this :smirk:

Our timed sunset/sunrise on off has not worked for a while now

There was an apparent (unannounced) “fix” put in place a couple of days ago. I don’t think it will retroactively fix a failed schedule though. Easiest thing to try is to log into the IDE (My Locations > List SmartASpps), and then click/tap “Update” on any app instance, rule, or routine that contains a scheduled event.

When you say “log into the IDE”, are you talking about the mobile app, or something else? When I log into the app, I see no option for update. Can you please elaborate, and Thanks!

The link that @cdikland posted will get you to the IDE if you are in the US.
For UK, use

okay, that brings me to a place where a great deal of information can be seen. Nice!
When I click “update” on the smart lighting app, or any of the instances of it, I can’t see much if any activity. But I did click on it. I’ll see what happens tonight!

It’s too late now, but I probably should have mentioned to do a before and after snapshot of the current state of the scheduler by tapping the smartapp first (not the parent), then Update, and then the smartapp again. Scheduled jobs (if any) will appear at the bottom of the popup screen. A schedule in the past means it’s hosed, and ripe for Update, which restores service better than 95% of the time (even if only for awhile… though it’s been pretty good the last couple of days).