Watchdog SmartApp for Sunrise/Sunset mode changes

I setup a watchdog for my sunrise/sunset mode changes after the recent issues. Now I don’t worry about missing these events.

Steps to create:

  1. Create virtual switch (On/Off Tile). Call it whatever you want, mine is “The Sun”
  2. If you are not already, sign up for IFTTT, activate SmartThings and Weather Channels.
  3. Create two recipes, one if sunrise, turn your switch on. One if sunset, turn your switch off.
  4. You can use the default smartapp “Switch Changes Mode” if the modes you use are simple. Choose the switch you created initially, and the modes you wish to change to/from. You are done!
  5. Extra credit: If you are like me and have multiple sunrise/sunsets (home and away), install this smartapp as many times as needed. It checks the current mode before running:

Hope this helps someone!


  1. In theory this is not needed, but it’s nice to use automation to double-check automation, especially if it’s a more critical function for your home.
  2. The weather channel in IFTTT says that their recipes will run within “15” minutes of sunrise/sunset for your location. Mine has been within 10 minutes of the ST sunrise/sunset so far, so that checks out. YMMV.