My Routine based on Sunset Routinely Fails

Latest failure within routine to turn on two lights at sunset failed tonight…again. Am I the only one? At least my wife’s mechanical timers are reliable.

Mine failed today and last night both at sunrise and sunset. There must be an issue. Im opening a ticket now.

My routine changes are mysteriously broken today as well.

Constant problems with this. Have tried rebooting hub and setting up routines multiple times but problem persists randomly.

Mine failed yesterday and today also, I’m using Smartrules to create them and only the sunset routine failed everything else from Smartrules fired

My sunrise/sunset routine/rules have been hit or miss the last few days. I have a v2 hub and it sounds like ST has some fixes for this coming out on Thursday with the new firmware. Fingers crossed.

Sunset events failed for me today. V1 Hub.

Ouch, and you are not getting the update on Thu that supposedly fixes these issues…

I’m pretty thankful for not getting an update that I can’t pre-test or rollback…

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Last two sunsets have completely failed.

If I use the smart lights app and update to hub 2 will this be more reliable?

I am on V2. Apparently the issue goes across hardware versions.


I have support ticket for this. There is a problem and it is being worked on. I’ve been two days out of any sort of time-based event (routines, smart lights, etc).


Well my sunset routine failed again today.

What I dont understand is when you migrate new code and it messes the system up there should be a rollback process. I code for a living to and I can easily roll back when I screw things up. Why is smartthings not able to do this??

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Support helped me and said they fixed something on their end. Just to be safe, I went to each time-based routine and SmartApp and hit Done again. Sunset light did turn on today. I’ll update tomorrow on my other routines and modes.

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Welcome to the world of “agile development” where there is (apparently, from the outside view), no test environment, no Beta stream, and … no rollback.

Well, it looks like things are back working for me. Yesterday evening’s time-based smart lights and routines fired correctly. I’ll update on today’s progress.

My sunset routines have failed yet again today. ggrrrrhhh.

Mine too 1 of 3 lights turned on, 2 that didn’t are wemo, using smart rules to create sunset rule