Sunrise/sunset not working

I just got a new Samsung Smartthings and have most everything working. I cant get the sunrise/sunset to work. When I look at it shows the correct sunrise and sunset times. It just won’t trigger the events to happen in mobile app. I can manually trigger them and they work. I have also tried to for a 30 min offset, but that still does not work.


There are numerous users reporting issues…Check this thread:

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Welcome to ST and all its (current) headaches. You are one of many suffering from this:

Time based

oh bummer! I did a goolge search before I posted, but only found some post over 6 months old. Looks like I’m not alone… Oh well, I’ll hang tight. Might just setup some static times until it get resolved.

Those don’t work either, for the moment…

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oh my…anything working?

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Identified - SmartThings is currently experiencing issues in the processing of scheduled actions for certain users in North America. The engineering team is working on a solution to this issue.
Oct 30, 12:02 EDT

My morning routines did not run the last two days and I woke up to motion alarms, now I know why.

I guess this is one win for the V2 hub. My locally running sunrise/sunset actions have been flawless since installation.

You may want to check this thread if it’s related.

You are a lucky few. My local process failed on schedule like hub v1. I created this post but it got closed… for duplicate post with another one so I never really get the answer.

I have a v2 hub. Noticed this morning that all my time-based events are broken. They’re all normal routines, or the SmartLights app. I was under the impression the built-in SmartThings apps and logic stuff was supposed to run locally, but apparently it was broken by a server-side code push. Local my derrière.

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At this time the only thing that is eligible to run locally is one and only one smart app: smart lighting. And then only for a few specific device types. For example, any lighting rule with Phillips hue in it will not run locally.

They have said that there are plans to expand local processing, but for now it is what it is.

As for the recent platform issues, see the following:

The FAQ in the community created wiki has links so you can see what is running locally at your own house:

lights are working again! Looks like the update fixed my issue. I now have 2 smarthings outlets and one GE light switch turning on/off from sunset to to sunrise.

I am having trouble with my GE lights not changing at sunrise/sunset. What can I do to trouble shoot my settings?? I also have a smart outlet that isnt changing.

You can try adjusting your schedule a few minutes before or after sunset/sunrise. But other than that, you have to email support. Unfortunately there’s very little you can do on your end, and this has been a problem as long as ST has been a thing.

mine have been working for awhile now. I think have had about 5-10 times that light either failed to turn off or on in the last 2 months. I wish it was 100%, but at least it’s working.

My Sunset routine has been triggering perfectly until daylight savings happened. Now my lights are not turning on automatically at dark. Is anyone else experiencing this?