Smart Lighting Design Bit me Again

All my Sunset Events failed last night - My fault. Or, Design Gotcha? You decide.
I erased some 20+ Apps today in my ONE SmartLighting App while trying to add a new one.
I actually have two named “Smart Lighting,” so I only use that one now, but kept the other for what it does.
I decided not to create more from other entry points & only create new automations inside that one.
But, interrupted, I went to back out of the new automation & thought I was uninstalling one of them. Again.
The Uninstalls all look the same – I lost all of them.
Just me? Or, could the design be clearer?
Does anyone else have multiple Smart Lighting Apps?

Yes it seems that there are alot of people having this issue including myself. There is another thread going on about this.

When smart lighting was first introduced with mobile app v2, it allowed for multiple instances to be created, so many of us have multiples.

A couple of updates in, they changed it so that now you can only install one “parent” With all the multiple individual named “children” still separate.

But you have multiple parents left over from the original version unless you individually delete them.

It’s frustrating that there’s no easy way to review all the rules we have set up. I literally have spreadsheets taped to the back of the door. :disappointed:

thread on time based events randomly failing since the platform update last week.

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I saw that thread, and actually composed this post there first, but after thinking it through, I felt this point was off topic to the events failing. I noticed the deletion when my events did not fire. In general, my system has been running Great! (knock-on-wood)

This thread is about the multiple App approaches Design and Uninstall ambiguity.

I have a spreadsheet that lays out the Decision Table for my Apps - with help from IDE.Location.SmartApps
It is helping me rebuild. Roughly, one App each for every set of controlled devices (~34) x Morning, Day, Evening.
And, I started a similar spreadsheet to explore the difference between SmartLighting and Routines Wizards.
I cannot figure out what their Design Intent is for us to use one or the other.

I would be REALLY interested to hear about their “Design Practices” prior to Engineering…

I’m not sure how you guys are accidentally deleting an entire app? Maybe I’m not understanding you correctly.

If I’m in SmartApps and I click on ‘Smart Lighting’, I would expect the Uninstall button here to uninstall the SmartApp, if I then click on one of my ‘Lighting Automations’ from within the Smart Lighting SmartApp, I’d expect the Uninstall button here to just uninstall this one particular ‘Lighting Automation’ and not the entire SmartApp.

Exactly the Problem.
You perfectly highlighted the Expectations that are somewhat different than the design/implementation.
Smart Lighting is a Parent App with multiple Child Apps.
There is a red Uninstall bar at the bottom of each Child App and the same exact one at the bottom of the Parent.
Click back once too many and hit Uninstall thinking you are in the Child App and goodbye to ALL your Apps!

Hmmm, personally there’s too much different going on above the Uninstall button between the SmartApp and a Lighting Automation (within the SmartApp) for me to get confused where I’m at.

You’re probably not using text to speech. Just sayin’… :wink:

I’d like to see a confirmation question on the parent uninstall.

“This will uninstall 17 lighting automations. Continue?”

That covers all forms of UI access, as well as the "two in the morning baby’s crying, if that light comes on again tonight I’m going to a hotel! " Use case.

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I had failure two nights in a row with Smart Lighting SmartApp. I took my network down for a speed upgrade from my ISP network so I can’t say it failed for a third night, we’ll have to see tonight.

All good points!

Once again, the pointless 20 character limit strikes again…