Sunset/Sunrise events failing again

Was there another upgrade or? They were working then stopped again in the last day or so.

Sunrise/Sunset is triggered by Timed Events which is, has been, having problems for quite some time. SmartThings is aware of the issue but has not found a solution to the problem as of yet. Timed Events seem to fail more frequently when there is more demand on the cloud servers.

[quote=“an39511, post:2, topic:38463”]
Timed Events seem to fail more frequently when there is more demand on the cloud servers. [/quote]
Which will only get worse if they continue to concentrate on increasing installed base without first fixing the underlying problem. Sad.


Not good. Getting useless… @slagle, what is in the works to combat this problem that is increasingly getting worse?

Yes, mine didn’t work tonight. My sunset routine usually works, it’s the nighttime security one that doesn’t. Today, the sunset routine didn’t work, and the security one did.

I’ve set up my morning turn off security routine to run twice, about 25 minutes apart. When one fails, hopefully the other won’t. I guess I’ll have to do that will everything from now on.

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Yep – massive failure of timed (sunset/ sunrise) on and off light switches. What’s bizzare is that I have a “sweeper” command that goes through at 9 am and is supposed to turn off every light to save energy. It’s been failing too…

This is a SERIOUS issue, since this problem is persistent, repeating, and does not seem to be getting better. The timed and sunset/sunrise switches at this point have probably a 90% probability of working on any command on/off. In general I’m finding from 1-3 lights left on at 10 am. Some days more, and only vary rarely am I finding them all cycling as expected.

I gave up on ST sunrise/sunset and use illuminance within Rule Machine to control device at near sunrise and sunset times. So far no failures using this method.

I was about to post the same thing. Though, my sunrise/sunset have been working flawlessly for months, until recently. My outdoor lights were still on this morning, and my activity feed does not show it recognizing sunset today.

My two lights just came on at 5:28pm when scheduled for Sunset+17. Sunset is at 6:00pm. Huh!?

Mine stopped as of yesterday. Never had issues with my sunset/sunrise triggers until then. Came home from work and all of my outside lights were still off. Also, opening my patio door wouldn’t turn on my patio lights like it has been without issue for a few months.

what is illuminance??

Illuminance in Rule Machine evaluates lux levels as a condition or trigger. You can get lux levels from the Weather tile or from a multi sensor that has that capability. I use the Weather tile lux levels instead of sunset or sunrise.

For the last 2 weeks my Sunrise/Sunset has failed about 40% of the time.