Conflicting apps

Hey guys!

Does anyone have ever had any experience with installing 2 or more apps that try to control a single device and get interesting results due to inconsistent device states for example.


Common issue, e.g. using multiple smartapps to program a single lock. Depends on the app and device in questions and if it’s designed for multi tenancy.

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Do you have any code samples that you could share please? :slight_smile:

Or perhaps real people’s posts on this forum since you know that it is a common thing that happens.

Code samples of what? Can you elaborate on what issue you’re facing.

Well, you mentioned about multiple smartapps to program a single lock right? I am wondering if you could share to me the real smartapps that have ever caused that problem.
I am not exactly having this problem, but I am curious to know/learn more about this as I was thinking about it.

you won’t see anything in the code, because it’s not a problem with any one individual smart app. It’s because the person has set up rules which conflict with each other.

Here’s an example:

Here’s a developer discussion on the fact that there isn’t anything in the smartthings platform to prevent this:

(Tagging @tgauchat for more discussion on that one)

Here’s a warning from one developer regarding the problems that can occur because there isn’t anything in the platform to prevent against it:

And a super technical discussion among developers where some of them are used to a platform which enforces sequential threading and are just learning how to make their way through the SmartThings asynchronous paradigm:


Thank you @JDRoberts! This is really helpful!

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