SmartThings or SmartRules having an issue?

The last few day’s I have been experiencing some weirdness and I’m curious if anyone is seeing anything similar. I’m unsure if the issues are related to SmartRules or SmartThings. I have motion sensors throughout the house and use them to auto turn on lights at a 50% or less dim but only in night mode. My issue is my lights (night mode lights) are tuning on at 50% or less dim level in every mode but not each time motion in those rooms is detected. Sometimes a light in the living room, sometimes in the kitchen and sometimes multiple at once. I check the activity logs of each light and it is the SmartRules rule I have setup but I’m not in night mode at the time so the rules shouldn’t run. I cannot tell if it is SR or ST ultimately causing these issues but it is frustrating to say the least. Currently I have deleted the rule for the living room in SR. I’m not getting the benefits of an automated home if I cannot rely on simple rules to control my lights and being forced to delete rules.

Lights not working properly, Netatmo broke for weeks, Smart Weather updating broke for weeks, hue issues, nest integration more then a year overdue, it seems never ending with St. I have no idea what they are working on but it seems no one is fixing anything current that is broke. Well, that’s my quick rant.

Is anyone else having these issues or seeing something similar they can’t explain? Any information would be great.


Yep. The topic where this is discussed is:

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And this, which discusses events being processed in modes that were supposed to be excluded:

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And this, which is by the author of of SmartRules and discusses some new problems…

So that’s 3 separate topics covering 3 different issues.

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In other words, if you have devices that can be disconnected from SmartThings and controlled manually (like light switches), the recommended solution is to remove them from SmartThings for the foreseeable future. Nothing more annoying than lights turning off when they aren’t supposed to, when you have company over for dinner. And every other room randomly.

I’m considering strapping all my July 4th fireworks to my SmartThings hub and saying goodbye with a bang! :grin:


Well, this is a crappy deal. What is sad is that I have no doubt that ST could really care less. I have seen nothing from ST about this and saw some posts suggesting that support says these issues are not related to the new platform. I wonder if they even consider this a priority. I’m see posts from people who have been here a while and make big contributions to the community and they are wanting out. What does that say about ST?

I’m not surprised that they keep delaying the v2 hub. How can they provide a perfect experience with their second gen hub when they cannot even keep their existing system running. Smart Weather update, Netatmo, hue, their platform, Nest integration over a year late, presence detection worthless, etc. nothing seems to work properly any more. I don’t understand, maybe this is Samsung slowing fading out ST so they can do their own proprietary project much like Google did with Revolv. It has been said that ST is the best of the worst, either way that doesn’t give us many options.

I, like many others here, have lost a lot of the functionality I like/rely on. No reliability or stability pretty much makes ST worthless.


I don’t think so, as we’ve been seeing these issues since day one. The excuse back then was a small startup with insufficient resources. Samsung’s money was touted as allowing them to reach their full potential.

But I look at the Android app, and it is so poorly designed that it is pretty clear they simply don’t have the talent yet (at least not with that aspect of the staff). And just a few months ago it was much, much worse.

As for the platform… well it is either a convoluted mess that no one can deal with, they need a new QA team, or they haven’t attracted the right talent there as well.

I would certainly hope that the issues with their platform would be getting top priority to fix since it is affecting so many pieces. SmartRules is worthless right now, I cannot create, delete or change any rule without the app crashing. Lights not coming on when expected, turning off at wrong times, dimming in the wrong mode, etc. This is on top of all the other pieces that are broken in ST. I could be more patient with them when what I have worked properly but now it’s beyond frustrating.

I’m going to search the forum to make sure I didn’t miss anything but so far I haven’t found any information from ST about it. I don’t know why they refuse to comment about anything any more. It doesn’t have to be a date or guarantee, just some sort of information is better than nothing.

Have you opened a ticket?

This IS a user to user forum, and it has grown A LOT over the last year. I don’t really expect answers from SmartThings staff here anymore (although I still occasionally try).

I have a ticket open with support about the OAuth problems. They confirmed that there is a system wide issue, but no resolution yet.


Why doesn’t this oauth issue, which has been known for several days and been reported to Support by multiple people, show up on the status page?


My experience has been that the ‘status page’ is pretty much useless for anything other than a major outage.

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Considering everything this issue is affecting I’d consider this a major outage!

Hey guys!

I totally get how frustrating this is. I am just starting to get my feet wet here but I am watching a ticket right now that is getting looked at. This is a high priority ticket and I will continue to monitor it. Any updates I have will be shared with this thread as soon as I know more.

Hey Tim. Thanks for reaching out. Very cool that you’re with SmartThings now! Congrats.

I’ve been working with a developer, Lance, today, and we’ve got a fix figured out! The only bad news is that it requires an update to the app, so we’ll have to wait for Apple approval, but I’m finalizing everything now to submit. To clarify, this is a fix for the authentication problem. I’m not sure about the other issues mentioned in the original post.

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Awesome! I just found this out myself!

I’ll keep everyone posted on the filtering stuff.

Glad to hear that @obycode.

Now ST, what about the other issues the new platform is causing? I had to delete some rules in SmartRules because of events happening without consideration of what mode I’m in so I’ve lost functionality. There are some rules I won’t delete so I have lights jack’n up. This has gone on too long and with the holiday coming up we’re probably screwed now until at least next week. Anyone think of putting the old code back in place until the new code gets fixed?

Hey guys, just dropping by to show you this

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That’s great, what about all the other problems being had? Events happening without consideration of mode, hue, Wemo, Netatmo, etc.

All those things you mentioned: mode restriction on events, Netatmo, hue (mostly) are fixed and nearly pushed to production except for WeMo. Which in my opinion is garbage anyway.