Rules just not working reliably anymore

Over the past 2 days I have found that the rules etc. that I have set up do not function as required anymore.
Timed rules are either starting OK but that’s it, not stopping at the prescribed time, or not starting at all.
I have also had my motion sensors stop working, when I logged on to my PC to do live event logging, around half an hour, they had started logging motion OK and my lights were turning on.
My network is OK as is my broadband.
Is this all to do with the update that is going on and the server is too busy???

I have a V1 hub BTW so the update is not affecting my hub.



Check Hopefully after tomorrow everything should be back on track

Thanks for that.
I’m relatively new to this platform and did not know that this page existed. I will certainly check here first in future.
Thanks again.

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That ST status page usually gets updated when all ^&%&^& breaks loose and only after a few days afterwards. IMHO it is 90% a static marketing page that assures me that everything is OK even if a “SmartThings Ski Pole” (e.g. firmware update, scheduler broke, etc) drops from the clouds!