Rules API Issues

Is anyone else having issues with their rules in the Rules API no longer working? I’m not seeing anything on here about it, but all of my rules (some of which have worked for a year and a half now) just all of a sudden stopped working.

For example, most of the rules in question are just simple virtual switches that when turned on/off they turn on/off several lights. So nothing overly complicated.

If they are working for you, any ideas on how to diagnose what might be happening as nothing on my end has changed.

(Note: I rebooted my hub just in case and can verify that lights turn on/off individually via both the API as well as the app)

I am not aware on having any issues with my Rules apart from the long standing issue of timers set relative to Sunrise and Sunset not updating. That’s been months now.

Have you run any of the Rules manually to see if that tells you anything?

Are app Routines working?

Do you create them using the CLI/API?

Routines are working just fine. I can’t run the rules manually as they only fire off when a switch turns on or off.

Oddly enough, resubmitting them causes them to work again. I noticed that before they were marked as executing in the Cloud, but now they are marked as executing Locally. So something must have changed on Samsung’s end where they will no longer work in the cloud. Interesting…

something weird definitely happened with Rules API automations. All of mine stopped working a week or so ago. Indeed re-submitting them somehow refreshed them and they work now :man_shrugging:

Hi, @mzp, @Automated_House.

It would be helpful for the investigation of the root cause having at least one Rule that is still in that unresponsive state. Like you already recreated all of yours, if this happens again, please send an email to describing the issue and include the Rule ID and location ID.

Just emailed details for one I hadn’t update yet

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All of mine have been updated and are working again. If anything breaks again I will let you know, though.

@mzp, in your case, did you make some changes in the devices that were part of the Rule?

The execution property (cloud or local) is set based on the way the devices execute, this means, if all devices execute locally, this value would be set to “local”, “cloud” will be set if at least one device doesn’t execute locally.

Some I did and some I didn’t. The one that changed to local had no device changes at all and all I did was resubmit the same rule. It changed it to local and started working. However, others I updated stayed as cloud and started working as well.