Suddenly, nothing is working and everything is laggy

(Matthew Rogers) #1

Over the past two days, for no apparent reason, 80%+ of my rules and devices aren’t behaving properly.

  • Front landscape lights did not turn off yesterday morning at sunrise. They also did not turn on at sunset last night. These also act as our security lights so that’s not good.
  • Motion sensor activated light switch in our entry hall was working at about 80% of the time yesterday, although sometimes it would take 5 seconds longer than normal; this morning it’s not working at all.
  • Motion activated lights in my basement were working less than 20% of the time yesterday. When they did work, only some of them would activate, and those usually 5-15 seconds after the motion detector picked me up.
  • Some lights I have scheduled for 6pm came on yesterday, but then I couldn’t turn anything off at bedtime – activating my “Good night!” phrase resulted in…all the lights staying on. (Oh, and activating the Good Night phrase from my Minimote didn’t work at all)
  • Manually trying to switch lights off from the Lights dashboard only works 10% of the time.

I’ve already rebooted the hub. I saw in another thread (from @Ben) that there was a brief period of slowness last night around 10pm ET, but that doesn’t explain all the problems I’ve been having over the past 36 hours or so.

Any ideas?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #2

Again… when you experience issues, fire off an email to support. They can at least confirm the issue for you as they don’t always show up o the status page.

(Tim Slagle) #3


Some of my apps are doiong some really weird things. I have an app that runs based on lumosity below a certian point. Right now it only works when lumosity is ABOVE that point… lol weird.

(Matthew Rogers) #4

I’ve got an email in to support, I’m just curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this type of behavior.

(Amauri Viguera) #5

My scheduled tasks seem to have run as always, although I did notice some weird stuff in the logs this morning actually, reports from some of my TCP bulbs with their states.

Otherwise (crossing fingers) everything is fine.

(Brian Steere) #6

I’ve seen some strange things over the past couple days. Usually schedule related. I emailed support but they weren’t aware of any issues.

(Ben Edwards) #7

@rogersmj did the firmware upgrade for your hub solve this issue for you? How many others on this thread have Jasco switches as a major component of the apps/mode changes that are “not firing”?

(Tim Slagle) #8

My Jasco switches are firing, just at the very wrong times… lol. One of my apps today lost its subscription to my luminosity sensor. I had to re-install it to get it to work again. Another was a built in app for switches and stopped turning off after motion stopped. Also required a re-install.

My Jasco switches are working much much better after the new firmware update though so that’s cool! :smile:

NOTE: I had to unplug some of my jasco sensors for a few minutes and then rebuild the mesh to get the jascos to behave after the firmware update.

(Matthew Rogers) #9

I just replied to the support email; things seem to be working better, although I still got a misfire when going down to my basement just now – the motion detector didn’t trigger the lights. I haven’t reset everything yet though, so I suppose I’ll go around and do that now.

I have zero GE/Jasco switches – I bought all Linear/Evolve because of their better reporting and better LED bulb handling.

(Matthew Rogers) #10

After everything working (mostly) fine for the past week, I’m having these same problems again – nonfiring timers, laggy (or nonfiring) motion sensors, really laggy response to manually switching lights in the app.

Yes, I’ve contacted support – I’m just going to start keeping a record in this thread of how often my “smart” house grinds to a halt.

If some of these issues are due to communication issues with the ST servers (as I suspect at least some of them are), I’d really like to know if it’s possible, in a future version of the infrastructure, to not require so much back-and-forth…why can’t timers and motion triggers and such happen locally, without needing to go out to ST? Is it because the hub isn’t powerful enough to store rules that get generated by the apps? This incredible reliance on ST central services for every little action (as I understand it) really has me rethinking my buy-in to this platform. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong.

(Brian Steere) #11

I have heard from many at ST that an upcoming version of the hub firmware will be able to handle purely local rules. So local things may keep working in cases like this. I’m not sure if that would include something like Sonos. Cloud services won’t function without the ST cloud.

In my perfect world, the hub would do all the work the ST cloud currently does. It would have required a more powerful hub, but it seems like that would have cut down on some of the infrastructure issues we’re seeing.

(Tim Slagle) #12

Nice!!! That would be awesome!

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #13

There has been some major routing issues at the top level of the internet over the last couple days that could be the cause.

Comcast in my area had about an hour downtime to upgrade their local routers to avoid the 512 flaw in bgr tables for edge routers…

Anyway, might not have been anything ts could do, other than offer local rules, which I’m all for…

(Tim Slagle) #14

Haha I had a conference call at about 3 am this morning with Level 3 cause their sh*t was broke lol… Good times…

Wonder who amazon uses for their Tier one provider… Better yet they probably use multiple providers.

(Matthew Rogers) #15

Over the last couple days, my issues have returned. Many (not all) of the different behaviors seem to point to sporadic communication problems between the hub and the switches – however my stuff is so close together (see my latest note to Support below) I don’t know how this is possible. It certainly shouldn’t be a range issue. And if it was a range issue, I’d think the problems would be more consistent.

My last note in my thread w/ Support, just for anyone who’s still following along:

So I power cycled the hub the other day, and am continuing to have sporadic misfires. This evening, for example, the garage entry light was sometimes not firing when motion was detected on the Garage Entry Hall sensor. Also, the basement lights were pretty much never turning on, even though I could stand there, in front of the motion sensor with the app open, seeing that motion was indeed detected and reported to the hub.

These repeated problems with the basement sensors and lights are the most troubling, because of all the devices I have, they are closest to the hub. The bank of switches for the basement lights are 6 feet away, literally, with one interior wall separating them from the hub.

In addition to these periodic misfires with the motion sensors not turning on the lights, I am also repeatedly having an issue where the lights don’t respond to my Good Night phrase. The app says it’s turned them off, but they don’t actually turn off. Sometimes they will if I do it again, but often not. I suspect this is related, since the communication issues seem to be between the hub and the switches.

I don’t know what else to do though, because as I said the hub is very close to the one bank of switches – I can’t get it any closer and still have a network connection for it. And those switches in turn are within 12 feet (one floor down) from another bank of z-wave switches, which in turn are no more than 15 feet (line of sight) from another bank of switches (the garage entry). And that’s not even counting the plug-in modules. Since all these act as repeaters, if my understanding is correct, I do not understand why I’m having these communication issues.

I just tried the network repair again, and it reported “Network repair for device [02]: Failed to update mesh info”. I don’t see any device with an ID of “02” in my devices list. Not sure what this indicates.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #16

I had stuff that should have triggered last night, not trigger. Not sure if that was your issue, but it happens (all too frequently IMHO).

(Tim Slagle) #17

What time was this? If your on Comcast they had a nationwide outage last night around midnight that lasted about an hour. That could of been the culprit.

(Matthew Rogers) #18

Most of what I was describing has actually been happening tonight. I was specific about the distances to the switches because the Support person had asked me about that.

(Tim Slagle) #19

This seems to be something specific with your setup. TBH besides the outages that STs acknowledges I never see issues with my setup. I do have a zwave extender on each floor though:)

Id say work with support on these issues as my setup never sees a blip and I have 113 devices controlled through STs.

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #20

If your referring to the status page, I have had numerous outages that have not been acknowledged there, but they have been attended to within hours. I also have a number of SmartApps that are sensitive to any kind of lag, and I see it often (usually anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute). Not sure what there goal is for this, but I have learned to live with it. Hopefully it will get better.

I agree with @tslagle13 that @rogersmj seems to have issues over and above the norm that is SmartThings. Keep working with support and hopefully they’ll get it ironed out for you.