The SmartThings is ridiculous slow

Anyone know why the ST app is SOO slow?

I used SmartRules for most of my rules but now I am using CoRe which forces you to use the SmartThings app interface. Every click in the app is a 3-5 second load delay, which isn’t new but I’ve had to really use it much before.

It’s always been slow and I havn’t seen much improvement since last year, if anything, it got worse.
Is everyone really fine with the load speed or is thre something I’m doing wrong?


This is an issue with the new app. I use it all the time and the update from a few days ago has slowed it down considerably. Like 10-30 seconds to just get the app open.

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It’s unbearable. I try to avoid using the app whenever possible. It’s a flawed architecture that has not improved performance in years.

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There’s been a major problem over the last couple of days. Things either running slowly, or failing all together.

The problem has been listed on the official status page:

It’s being discussed here:

I am not jus talking about it being slower than “usual” - This app is extremely slow and unbearable.
I can’t wait until someone does home automation right.

The SmartThings contact sensors suck and does their app.
I would pay a lot of money for reliable sensors and decent app to control rules.

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My app is super slow and it take 4 or 5 clicks in IDE to get my smartapps or DHs to load.

The app is terrible. It is likely the worst app on my iPhone, at least out of the ones I use at least once a week. I am sure there are worse apps, but my statement was about the apps I use.

I am 85% sure that they built the app using Appcelerator. I can’t say for sure.

The app is not just slow now, it has been slow since I started SmartThings. When I am doing CoRE automations I use my Galaxy Tab 2 as on my iPhone 6s it is just a waste of time.

I hope it gets better, but I am not holding my breathe.

I get held hostage by this app multiple times each time I use it.

@whoismoses, @MacBenTosh, @dseg, @RobertSheaO1,

Hey guys, perhaps it’s only an iOS performance issue? I’m on Android and it’s flying for me on my phones and tablet. Here’s a quick video of what it’s like for me:

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Here is what I am seeing…

~8 seconds for the app to be usable
~2 seconds to load a device
~10 seconds to show the list of my SmartApps
~12 seconds to open CoRE
~14 seconds after hitting Done in CoRE after doing nothing.

Honestly the most annoying thing is the loading of the SmartApps page.

It is a conspiracy. They are doing this to me in order to force me to automate more activities so I don’t need the app (which is basically what I’ve done).

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Interesting, thanks for that comparison video. My SmartApps and Routines do take a little longer to load up, perhaps a little faster than what you showed. I did noticed that it was only slow the first time I went to the SmartApps tab, but after that it popped up right away, even after exiting out of the app and coming back a while later. I do have ST’s app “pinned” so that it stays alive in the background.

I’ve never really noticed an significant delay, but I’ll pay closer attention over the next day or two now that I’ve read this thread.

lmao @ your SmartApp load - isn’t that insane?
Opening CoRE takes just as long for me.
I have so many changes I need to make to SmartApps but just don’t have the patients to sit there and watch the loading circle spin… and spin… and spin…

I guess I feel like they shouldn’t hold me hostage. If you look at what is on the pages that take the longest to load it is basically nothing. It is a list. That’s it. That is a 200ms service call. I’d expect them to progressively load more as I click.

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We’ve actually arranged a secret contract with SmartThings such that they are obligated to keep their App slow in order to make SmartTiles a more attractive alternative for basic status and control functionality. :wink:



I’ve never had what I would consider to be a “snappy” response, but since the last update my experience mirrors yours ( iOS 9 on a iphone 6S ). I could only dream of having the speed that @johnconstantelo has, and after watching his video, my jaw was on the floor in astonishment.

I have noticed the app being slower recently then I saw @whoismoses video, I wont moan about speed anymore its mainly the SHM page thats slow
Running on android One Plus One in the UK

This thing can’t even open before I give up and close the app.
Omg, its soooo slow

Same here for me although it doesn’t help that the app opens to Things each time.

I’m seeing…

11 seconds to load the app & populate Things.
1 second to open a device
8 seconds to load list of SmartApps.
6 seconds to load SHM

I’ve also noticed that the more I use the app the slower is starts to run and the more likely it is to crash. After spending 3-5 minutes in the app it WILL crash.

They’ve broken something.

Oh yeah, the last few days have been terrible! The iOS app is SO SLOW to just open…once it’s open it’s not terrible…(but still slow). Its very annoying.

Sorry guys. Our engineers are still working on the issue, and we know it’s painful right now. is still the best place to get updates about the slowness


Well, for some it’s slowness, for others (with a large configurations) the iOS mobile app won’t complete start-up at all. Just spins to the “Unexpected Error” dialog. :weary:

The status page is great in concept, but when you haven’t been able to get in the app (outside trying at 3am) for two days and the last status update is from last Friday, it makes your mind wander. Obviously this issue has some deep roots – probably deeper than we want to know.