The Next Generation of SmartThings is Here


We’re giving a lot of thought to how you’d like to organize devices that aren’t in a room. Things like presence sensors, remotes and even certain lighting options can be moved around the home.

If you have any feedback please let us know.

We’re creating threads specifically for the mobile updates. Please check the “Mobile” category and funnel everything there.

(Ron S) #168

The routines aka hello home (old) are huuuuigggeeeee! That’s a yuck factor… I am sure that will be worked on…: luv the new app! Congrats! ST you deserve all my kudos! And the effort which went beyond it and of course @april. :wink:

(Jon Allsebrook) #169

I have this image of you guys and gals sat in some kind of control room right now monitoring things… Awesome job on responding so quickly on what I know must be an intense time for you all


Is there possibility that an Australian version will be released soon? Only reason I asked is because I have v1 and about to buy v2, but if an Australian version is going to be released in the next 6 months then I will wait.

(Kris Schaller) #171

Can you send screenshot?

(April Wong) #172

We did! in all of the places. :slight_smile: I’ve been up since 5am Berlin time, and it’s 1:00 am next day. It’s an exciting time for us, and we’re all in this journey together. Glad you’re with us!

(Ron S) #173

Think where do you stuff all the things in your house which you don’t put in a room, @tyler…, of course it cannot be a garage or a basement. Nice… Really really nice. Congrats buddy! We luv you inspite of what we talk about you behind your back! :wink:

(Donald Kirker) #174

Pretty much. :slight_smile:

(Scott Windmiller) #175

Its like that folder on your iPhone (Misc) where you put all the apps you dont know what to do with…lol

(Ron S) #176

Recycle bin… :wink: huh!

(Scott Windmiller) #177

Bring on the Smart Home Monitor, that’s what I want to see :smile:


Please move all mobile discussion to the respective threads:

(Kris Schaller) #179

Information about migrating rooms found here

(Craig) #180

I’m curious. Will the ability to take screen “pictures” be a free service? Also is there any type of road map for future camera support? I have a foscam I specifically bought because a guy a few years ago told me that was the next camera to get support after drop cam (he’s now long gone). I don’t mind switching up to one of the support cameras now I just don’t want to go buy a new camera and find out my current camera gets support next month!

(Ben Edwards) #181


We do have one. Bringing additional camera support to the platform is a priority for us.

(Idealerror) #182

@Ben will there be support for systems like Lorex (DVR with PoE Cameras stored locally)? I’m contemplating putting in cameras right now and looking for a sustainable cost-effective solution. Hopefully something SmartThings will be compatible with.

(Ben Edwards) #183

I honestly have not seen those mentioned by name on the roadmap but i will push for a list.

(Marc) #184

I would like to know this also. I recently purchased a Lorex (BNC not POE) DVR with 8 cameras streaming 1080p for $500 from Costco. That price for that quality cannot be beat and was significantly cheaper than a lot of the other market players. The DVR itself is on the LAN, so I would imagine there would be a way. In addition Lorex does have their FLIR Cloud now which directs all of their video to their cloud, which I bypass since it seems to be slower than just punching a hole in the firewall and going directly.

(Mike Franks) #185

Can’t find the smart monitor…? Have the new app, rooms, etc. Still have lights on dashboard… No monitor.


Monitor feature is being pushed out over the next day or so, most people don’t have it yet.