iOS 2.0 Discussion!

The wait is over! The new SmartThings app is now live. If you already have the SmartThings app, you’ll automatically receive an upgrade over the next hour or two. Your existing setup will continue to work as expected. There are some changes in the navigation, but it should be pretty straightforward. If have any confusion, this support article will help you find what you’re looking for, and of course we’re always available at

If you have not downloaded SmartThings, this is a great time to check it out. The new app has an intuitive design and lots of great new features, including enhanced rooms and device views, and a rich new solution called Smart Home Monitor.

Let us know what you think!

Resources on the new mobile app :

Just waiting for Smart Home Monitor to be pushed out to us to use :smile:


^^ What he said…20char.

As far as rooms, I added an extra room I called admin, which is just where I stick all the virtual switches or virtual presence sensors or whatever I need to make other things work. But don’t really go with a particular room.


Yeah I have a virtual room for all my pretend devices and friends.


I absolutely love it! It works really well - seriously not drinking my own kool aid, but the video buffering prior to an incident is AMAZING. It really gives you a better perspective of what’s happening.


Good idea, doing that now. Thanks!

No wonder you have a random virtual presence sensor named April Wang.

PS - She’s my friend too.


This explains a lot, doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

@April, I love how you guys took some of the more popular smartapps and integrated them into the mobile app.
Now go to sleep!!!


You’re drinking the “I already have the app and you don’t” kool-aid :frowning:



We dog food our stuff. Everyone does. :slight_smile:

What’s worst than providing an experience or solution without trying it yourself?


I love the new app. It seems like a lot of the screens take longer to load (i.e. going into a room can take 15-20 seconds to render). Is that just me and my crappy internet or is that something else?

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Mine’s working immediately. :frowning:

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I’m waiting for the app to magically appear :open_mouth:

All system go for me! Nicely done! I am naming the extra room “Aprils” room! :wink:

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What?! No more shaking the phone? Boy, am I gonna miss this “feature” (not). :slight_smile: :wink:


I assume the missus does not object :wink:

You had to spoil it for me…: you always hit it at the right moment! I am going to hunt you down one day! :wink: here’s a good one for you! How come hue integration always works for @geko! Well @geko can always change colors! :wink:


You guys took away the ability to search for Smartapps. While the ability to find your installed Smartapps seems easier to find, the ability to find Smartapps that you want to install seems harder.

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