The latest iOS ST app keeps logging me out

Almost daily I have to login again when I open the app. Just started about 5 days ago.


Logs me out, accept the conditions, rearranges my rooms, rearranges my devices within a room… with every version, more quirks and bugs to deal with…

Same here. SMH It is like they randomly shove versions out the door to appease Samsung with no regards for testing or features

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Same things for me. Logs out almost every day. I have 2 factor auth turned on, so it’s even more frustrating and it causes the presence sensors for family members to not work properly. It’s irritating that I put time into creating automations using WebCore and then this badly developed app messes everything up. On iPhone 13s. Also constantly re-ordering rooms in the app and other app settings like mooch91 pointed out. Samsung, please fix this!! Think I’m going to try something using a trigger of the phone connecting to my home WiFi for presence with a virtual presence sensor rather than this app.


I’ve been a fan and general defender of ST for a long time and most of the app changes over the last year or two haven’t really bothered me much.

But I’m also getting logged out each day lately and add to that how long it takes to connect to devices when you want to do something and I’m really starting to get frustrated of late.

I’ve been making a lot of improvements to my smart home and, while I have no immediate plans to change platforms, I’ve definitely thought a little bit about seeing what else is out there.


This happened to me too, but it only happened for the first few days after the update. Then it must have reset the saved password in iOS because it requested that I save it again, and since then it’s been fine. I just checked iOS saved password for, and it’s showing the password was last modified on that date it stopped asking me to login to SmartThings, but I didn’t change my password, just re-saved it. If you have a saved password for, then maybe re-saving it, or deleting it so iOS can re-save everything again might help?


Happening to me too. I can’t believe they found ANOTHER way to make ST even more terrible.
What a complete crash and burn on the part of ST. Pathetic.

Not logging me out (fingers crossed because reordering everything post login is not fun) but very frequently asked to accept updated T&Cs.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Same here. Been doing it a couple of months on iOS and finally got so annoyed today I thought I’d check if it’s common. Seems it was also an issue in 2019 but seemed to get fixed. Must have broken in a recent release.

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Me too. Total PITA! Loses my room sort order.

This issue is becoming annoying. Every day I have to resign in. Then all my device and room order changes.

Happening to me too on Version 1.6.75-582.

Same here, with 2FA on is a real PITA.

Love how ST is silent in this thread.

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I don’t really see them in any threads concerning the apps.

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I won’t turn on 2 factor until thy fix the logging out issue. I put enough time into logging in everyday.

Same here, it’s becoming very annoying. How much longer for an update to fix this?

same here. +1

Same Here. Very weird!

Me too. Plus one.