Phone keeps signing off

Hey everyone wondering if anyone has a solution to my problem. Every time I go to my app it forces me to log back in, this is a recent problem. And at times it tells me my password email combination is not correct, after several attempts it lets me in. Kind of frustrating as it had been working flawlessly…

Yup having the same problem but so far only on iOS , my android phone has been fine. Wish I knew more or how to fix it , but I think it’s more a ST problem then a user problem.

thanks, yeah all ios users here so far its only affecting my phone which is the master account

Same here, surely in-line for another bug-fixing update in the future.

Well hell, even deleted, re-downloaded and change passwords…

From what I understand support is aware of the issue and are working in a fix.

Mine and my wife’s phone (iOS) started doing the same. I’ve erased the app and re-installed. Going on 2 days without have to log back in. I did read it is an issue support is “working” on.

It’s on our engineerings “must do” list. They are looking into it.

Sorry guys :frowning:

Please use this thread to going forward for this issue:

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