Constantly prompted to log in using iOS app?

Looking for a sanity pulse check…anyone else getting promoted to log in multiple times a day?

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Thanks for the validation…I’ll ask for no further sanity input. :crazy_face:

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ST is so terrible.

Me too on iOS

Me too I’m in Australia. Driving me insane.

me too👎 this is bs

Lest we have any hope that the latest update fixes this?

Glad I’m not crazy, but it may not be long before I am with this constant login business :man_shrugging:t4:

I have read that as of today, ST is claiming this is fixed. When I have the issue, it’s normally not until the evening so time will tell.

One day after your post and mine asked me to log in again, so not fixed.

Have you updated to the latest IOS release? The issue should be resolved.

1.6.77 from today?

That is correct.

Just updated and will monitor

How about other app functionality and operability issues besides the log in one? With whom can I speak about the ongoing issues many of us have experienced besides support? My many cases have gone unresolved.

@mooch91 Support is always going to be the place to submit and track the issues you are having. Occasionally someone from the mobile product team will come into the community to discuss betas and platform changes.

To raise visibility I would suggest creating a post per issue in the community instead of a single post containing all of the issues you have. Try to search and see if the issue is already reported by another community member, if so add a post to that thread.


@jody.albritton @SamsungZell

I have opened multiple cases since June, not getting much from them other than supposed escalation with no resolution.

I’ve also got multiple independent threads here and many others are having the same issues (also on the Facebook groups).

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Just had an update today to SmartThings. I am hoping it fixes the issue!

I’m on latest iOS and latest app, keeps asking to accept Samsung privacy terms