The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Yes. Offline.

that leads to - if it has been offline for a year - have you tried fixing it? or need assistance getting it back online? :slight_smile:

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No. I replaced that functionality with MyQ. I should probably remove it but I never got around to it. Thanks for the offer though.


They do not. I’ve had two devices migrated that were offline. A Securifi Peanut Plug we use for the Christmas tree every year and a water leak sensor.


Just discovered that I had 9 Z-wave devices migrated today. All of them were switches.

None of my dimmers, either ZigBee or Z-wave, have been migrated. Nor have any virtual devices.

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Alot of my device migrated already, my plan is just to wait and fix the stuff that dosent after the new year. I think most people are freaking out because they never documented thier setup properly and wouldnt have any clue where they should start. Luckily I have evrything documented properly!

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I disagree. Most people are concerned because of the potential for devices to misbehave unexpectedly in their absence, which could be consequential if it somehow creates a security issue. This concern is heightened by the approaching holidays, with people away from home from longer periods and at greater distance.

Today, I had four more Z-Wave switches migrate. When those devices migrated, logs show that another unrelated switch (a Z-wave dimmer) turned on with no one home. Thankfully, it wasn’t a garage door opener or a door lock that flipped open. Now, I would have been protected by the rules I have that notify me of such events, but still…


We have already seen devices in different device classes fail after the automatic migration. That had nothing to do with any personal documentation. having your thermostat stop working in December is no fun. :cold_face:

Thermostat problems (multiple brands) Nov 2022

I’m not saying people should panic, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel concerned, either, particularly given the lack of documentation from the smartthings side on what is being changed, when, and how.


Maybe clarify that part (a bit)… thermostat stops working in ST but the thermostat should still work manually or with any set schedules on it :slight_smile:

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It depends on the routines they had managing it. The details were different for different people, but it’s still no fun. If you turn down your thermostat at night to save energy and it’s supposed to warm up the house a half an hour before you normally get up and that doesn’t happen, not good.

when I create a routine to change the temperature (for example when I leave for work or over night) nothing happens it doesn’t, the routine does not change the temperature.

Also, for those of us in wheelchairs or with vision challenges, “works manually” may not be much help. Yes, the thermostat should maintain its last setpoint, but that’s about it. And while a Nest or Ecobee would provide its own control option, a basic zwave or Zigbee thermostat, like the ones mentioned in the thermostat problems thread, does not.

Submitted with respect.

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Exactly why I only do thermostat temperature management using programs on the thermostats. There are too many breakable moving parts to trust SmartThings with this.

I have Honeywell WiFi thermostats. So in addition to my WiFi and Internet infrastructure needing to be up and SmartThings hub working, I’d be dependent on both the Resideo/Honeywell cloud working plus the SmartThings cloud working. Each of those things have their own set of glitches and the downside if just one is broken is more than I care to risk.

Everyone gets to choose their own level of risk.

JD, bthrock, I was refering to all the posts about it being impossible to do the migration manualy over the last couple of months. Personaly I would never use it for security as it is not that reliable. I do use it to control my thermostats but if the heat didnt come on in the morning, then yes I would be cold for awhile and I would have to listen to my wife nag nag nag but it wouldnt be a show stopper. I do agree with you about smartthings not keeping us updated etc. If I wasn’t so lazy I would have done it manualy myself but for me its more of a hobby and im not using it for mission critical stuff. If I had been I never would have left it to smartthings.


Totally agree on this.

I am experiencing a very smooth but very slow automatic migration so far. But like many I will be away from home for some part of the Christmas holidays. I’d sure like to be done with the process before leaving.

We’re not being given any clues as to how the process is going. As I said somewhere else: I’d be happy if Samsung said today that they are pausing all automatic migration and will resume mid-January!

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Two of my GE Z-wave switches finally migrated today. Four more to go, plus three fan switches… Then maybe we can move on to the fun stuff like metering plugs and Zooz switches.

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I took screen shots of everything just in case before the start date. A low tech approach, but at least I have it just in case.

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Security comes in many forms. If one has a cabin in the high country, for example, and uses SmartThings to control heat or monitor for water leaks remotely, an unanticipated failure of either can be a disaster, not just a “show stopper.”

I personally have enough redundancies built in that I’m not concerned. My point is that each individual has their own circumstances, concerns, abilities, and resources (technical or financial), and more than a few here are judging others’ efforts, concerns and situation by their own. Most people understand that transitions are hard and unexpected things happen, all they are asking for is more clarity from SmartThings so they can prepare for their particular circumstances.


I definitely agree with you that Smartthings is not doing a great job with this migration although it is going a lot smoother than I would have imagined. I’m just saying if you didn’t document everything, take the time now to get the basics like homeagain did in the previous post. I have around 50 Alexa virtual switches that would basically render almost all of my HA useless but I have documentation of each one and what it is for. I also have all of my routines, scenes etc. I came over from Vera which was a disaster and never documented anything and like most people created as I went along. My transition to Smartthings took me months and I swore to myself that I would never be in that situation again!

Most of my devices auto migrated in early November (125devices) and then it stopped until yesterday. I had around 78 devices not migrated and 15 of them migrated at different times yesterday. This gives me high hopes that they are finishing up. I dont think the 50 Alexa virtual switches will migrate but if thats the case then I can recreate them in a day or so on the second of Jan.

I have a number of Zooz ZEN27 dimmers and ZEN26 switches. Most of the Zooz switches along with my two Leviton DZ15S and one GE/Jasco 3136 switches were in the batch that auto-migrated yesterday. Three ZEN26 switches were not migrated.


The auto-migration pace has picked up for me. After have a batch of 10 migrate last night, I had another 10 migrate this morning. This last batch hit some z-wave dimmers including Zooz ZEN27 and Leviton DZ6HD models.

I have three types of devices not yet migrated: ZigBee dimmers, ZigBee pocket sockets, and virtuals.


Has anyone heard updates on virtual devices? Many of my physical devices have now moved, but the virtual devices seem to be being replaced with simulated devices. Not sure if that is just the IDE getting wacky or if that’s the intended change. Also any word on SmartWeather and if its doomed or being replaced? I still have it in a bunch of my automations for light levels and doesn’t seem any good replacement without just buying a device and trying to hide it outside somewhere.