The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Are the simulated devices using Edge drivers or DTH?

Is there anyway to know where my HUB stands in the migration effort?
I am in the process of deleting and readding what I see still left over.

I have two batches of devices…
Schlag Locks and GE Z-Wave Fan Controllers (all using default DHT)
Anyway to tell if those will be “migrated” or are those going to be a manual effort?

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Looks like all of my GE Z-Wave 14292 and 46202 wall switches, 14295 dimmers were migrated. Still have a bunch of GE fan controllers, 14287 and a handful of others still pending.

sorry but there isn’t

I’ve been going off the IDE My Hub view of devices. Devices which used to be directly connected via DTH or built in local drivers (pre-Edge) (zigbee/zwave) still appear on this list, but converted ones specify “placeholder” as the device type.

So far its accurate for devices migrated.

Devices paired C2C or with Edge drivers directly do not appear on the My Hub list as expected.

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Thanks, yes… That’s how I’ve been monitoring progress.
But my question is…

Am I done? Or is there another round of “migrations” coming?
I’d like to not re-associate my locks and fans (those seemed to be the most difficult)…
So before I go and start deleting and re-adding, I was curious if we could tell if my HUB is “finished” for the automated migrations.

We’re all in the same boat. I’ve had 0 zwave devices converted yet. Only zigbee for me so far.

Officially they are “done” by 12/31. I’m guessing it will be more like 1/31.

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I don’t know if this is a change from when it was first published, but the official transition FAQ currently says only

We expect the majority of supported devices to be fully migrated by the shutdown date for Groovy integrations on December 31, 2022

So they left themselves however much extra time they might need after that date.

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It’s an ongoing process. You’ll only know you’re “done” if you wake up and all your stuff is running on Edge drivers, or if you wake up and a bunch of devices stopped working because the Groovy cloud got switched off and they hadn’t been moved over yet.

Hi, I use 2 smartthings WiFi hubs and so far no device has been automatically migrated from DTH to Edge on any of them. I am participating in the Edge beta test and have manually switched some devices to Edge. However, I don’t want to do this manually for the majority of lamps, relays, dimming, that would be too much work since there are around 50 devices. the firmware on the hubs is up to date, does anyone have an idea? I’m getting restless because there isn’t much time left until December 31st. is.

The way I am checking is looking in the IDE devices tab at the type. I’m not logged in right now, but I think they say something like a simulated switch whereas things that I think have migrated say placeholder. Is there a way to see some sort of subtype underneath that simulated switch?

I forgot that view existed. I usually visit the IDE on my Samsung S5e tablet and that whole list of “My” views is not shown in portrait mode.

I prefer the Devices view accessible from the hamburger menu. In that view you can sort by any of the column headings. It does include devices from C2C integrations but all I have are my Honeywell thermostats and my phone so it’s not a big deal.

The ‘Simulated Switch’ type is one of the DTHs that was designed to simulate the behaviour of real hardware in testing. So it included things like online and offline status. It got widely adopted as a quick replacement for the Virtual Switch where the latter’s handling of state changes caused particular issues. I’d be surprised if that is on the table for migration but you never know.

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I had a bunch of stock device handler GE/Jasco switches (non dimmers or fans) migrate yesterday. Was hoping for another round today. No luck. I’m just getting close to 50% of the way of my device on edge from my count although a few were added after edge became the primary. What’s really weird is that ZERO of my Samsung SmartThings brand contact sensors have migrated. Same for motion detectors. And they are all using stock/built in handlers.

Again, would be great for some communication about what to expect in last 2 weeks of this migration timeline and why it’s taking so long. Also, if Groovy does indeed get shut down on Dec 31st and we have devices that haven’t migrated over (even to a “thing”) then do those devices STOP working? Even if they were on stock/built in handler?

Please please please Samsung, provide some added information and details about what to expect. You all have completely botched this process from the very beginning (Sept 30th), but you have a chance to end on a good note. Let us know what to expect and why it’s been taking so long! Please!

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I don’t think the IDE is 100% reliable in reporting devices that have been migrated to Edge drivers. I have two Sylvania Gardenspots that have been migrated and show drivers in the app. However, in the IDE they are listed as ZigBee RGB bulbs and not as Placeholders.


I’ve heard the same thing. To me it is looking at things from the wrong end. Going forwards it is what the API can see that matters so I find it more valuable to see what devices of type DTH it thinks still exist.

I’ve got three. Two are the same Sonos (you get one per hub) and the other is a Sonoff outlet that briefly appeared in a PR several months ago but wasn’t merged as the port wasn’t actually complete.


Me too. I had a z-wave device migrated and in the IDE it showed as Placeholder. I changed the driver in the app and looked in the IDE again and it moved back to the name of the DTH.

New API/CLI does seem to be the only reliable way.


I would also recommend the API Browser created by @TAustin. Gives detailed views on all devices on your hub and can filter by device type to show you devices that are still using DTH drivers.


I get that I am screaming into the Void that is Samsung as well a preaching to the choir, but I am quickly reaching my limit. I started with Smartthings way back when they were small and not owned by Samsung. I stayed with them though outages, back end redesigns, and every bump along the way, and told others “it will get better”. My point being is, I have loved this platform and this community.

With all of that said, this migration might be the end of the road for this relationship. I have sat by patiently, not really complaining about it, as I get migrations can be hard. We are 15 days away from the end of Groovy, and I have no idea as to what is going on. How many of my remaining devices will migrate (currently 54 of 160 have migrated or I moved). How many are just going to break? I have called out “supported devices” that are missing fingerprints so are not being picked up. The API is not even whole yet. Another set of devices that is multifunctional, are supported but ,more at a single device and not the multi function device that I paid for and need. The lack of communication I think shows the contempt Samsung has for this community. We are not hapless consumers that see technology as a magic box. We are technologist and engineers from multiple disciplines, that have helped make this platform what it is today. We have lost some great community members that added a lot. I don’t know, it is sad when a company thinks it can treat it’s customers and evangelist like this and expect us to still want to be a part of the ecosystem.


I have a Cree bulb that has migrated but in the IDE it shows as Cree Bulb still.