The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Apologies for the late response. Thank you for explaining how you’re doing the switch, it sounds very neat. Can you explain what you mean by the “built-in” routines, do you mean the app? If that’s the case I have some learning to do but I’m also OK with that :slight_smile:

I probably need to get a better understanding also of the the switch modes (I have some GE and Inovelli switches).

Thank you - I have to look in to this! Per my previous response, I need to figure if you’re doing all this in the app (in which case I have to figure that out) or somewhere else (which I also need to figure out!)…

Thank you. I think it’s figuring out either how to make them and/or use them! I’ll make them if I need them, otherwise I’ll just use them if they already exist! Getting my head in the game is what’s taking the time!..

Yes, the Smartthings app routines are what I’m using.

For the GE Switches, these are the operating modes:


The switch will NOT turn on automatically, but will turn off automatically based on the motion parameters you have set up.


The switch will turn on and off automatically based on the motion parameters you have set up.

The switch will not turn on or off automatically.

Here are the routines I’m using:

For my GE motion/dimmer switches, I’m using this Edge driver [ST Edge] Driver for GE/Jasco Z-Wave Motion Switches and Dimmers - 24770, 26931, 26932, 26933 and for the virtual switch, I’m using [ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

This is huge - thank you so much. I’ve yet to find time to digest this but will respond if I have questions. Now I have the cli running I need to get more familiar with using that so that I can extract device id’s etc… I’m on the first rung of the ladder at the moment and the ladder is not situated at 60deg but more like 130deg!!!

Thank you - I’m learning a lot! I was doing some quick digging in to virtual switches and see two different ones:

Yakov - [ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver

And another by:

TAustin - [ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Is one preferred over the other (it’s amazing what these guys have done so I’m not wanting to detract from their work!). Thank you for posting the images as well, seeing concepts like precondition is really useful.

The two have different features and options. @ygerlovin ’s may be a little easier to use if you only need a single virtual switch ; @TAustin ’s has many many power user options and more device classes. Both are very good. Feel free to ask questions in the author threads. You can also start your own topic under Automation Ideas or Projects if you want to do a deep,dive into a specific use case. :sunglasses:

You can find additional community-created drivers on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki.

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Perfect - thank you.

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Hi @h0ckeysk8er - Can you provide any feedback on how your routines are working?

I only ask, because with the pre-edge routines I had tried many times to create logic like:

If motion detected + light = off; then turn on light for 15 minutes

In an example like that, the light turns on for 15 minutes, then turns off as expected. The routine would also run if the light was ON, and then turn off after 15 minutes also … kind of ignoring the pre-condition.

Can you post a screenshot of your routine?

Depends on what point in time you tried to create those routines with the app, what driver you were using for the motion switch, and if your motion switch has different modes like mine does. Hard to diagnose without more info. If you look at my post above, I provided screenshots of my routines and info on the drivers I’m using for the virtual switch and motion dimmer/switch.

They are posted earlier in this thread.

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Where’s the best place to ask cli questions? I’m not able to find a relevant thread??? I’m getting a lot of “no items found” type responses… Thanks.

Developers Programs > possibly Support

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Thanks - I do see some CLI posts in there so that’s a good starting point!

Well disaster has begun!
All of my 3 ST Buttons (IM6001) failed today! Still display temp but pressing does nothing. Depower and reconnect does not fix. Forgetting and re Scan also does not fix - totally useless!
Added 2 new buttons and each setup differently! One onlined the same as normal but without the TempOffset setting, the other came online with both the tempOffset and a “Driver” entry showing “Zigbee Button” driver.
Interesting as I am not supposed to get Edge capability on my ST Wifi hubs till next week!?
Instantly 3 useless Buttons.

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Exact same happened to me. Buttons are no longer working.

My minimotes stopped working

I’ve been using the SmartThings Edge Beta Zwave Button driver for a while and my AEON (Areotec) Minimotes are working fine.

My ST buttons are all still working fine and all three appear to still be on the stock DTH.