The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Except for SmartLighting rules, or scenes, or outside integrations, or smartapps…


Yes - the Z-wave repeater component of two Iris Z-wave / Zigbee smart plugs…does that even count? :roll_eyes:

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I have the following that have not yet migrated, and I have my fingers crossed that they eventually will without me having to do it manually.

6 - NuTone NWD500Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Wall Dimmer Switch
2 - Zooz 700 Series Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch ZEN71
1 - Zigbee Switch,Inle Smart Light Switch
1 - Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch, 1-Outlet Plug-In (2nd Gen.)
1 - GE 14284 Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Outdoor Switch

I have a Zen26 that auto-migrated to the SmartThings Z-wave Switch driver.


I’m assuming the reason that things are going slower than planned is they are either running into issues or have not gotten to all of the drivers due to the amount of effort involved. I’m in no rush to push something that may not be ready for prime time. I’d rather keep everything up and running smoothly, which with roughly 15 devices automatically transitioned so far, has been the case. I’ve heard a number of stories about running into memory/device limits and thus would rather have the bare bones install first, at which point, then I will consider if I should upgrade to some of the more comprehensive drivers. I’d be naive if I didn’t think there will be issues towards the one offs towards the end of the process though.


Multiple people have had zwave thermostats migrate which then didn’t work. :disappointed_relieved:

Known issue, engineering is looking into it.

Thermostat problems (multiple brands) Nov 2022

Also, multiple people have had some GE zwave dimmer switches migrate which then didn’t control the level correctly. There is a community-created edge driver for those which does fix the problem.

Jasco/GE Dimmers stopped 'remembering' last setting since migration to stock Edge Driver

it’s not that zwave devices are more likely to have problems—just that people are more likely to post about problems, so those are the examples I’ve seen.

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my GoControl Z-wave siren migrated to Z-wave switch ( and not non-functional).
I do have 2 z-wave siren edge driver downloaded but when I try to change driver for this GoControl Z-wave siren, it doesnt show any siren specific edge driver.

I tried to migrate my zwave Kwikset lock with the edge driver that was supposed to work but the lock wouldn’t unlock or lock. So I had to reset it with the old driver it was using. Waiting for auto migration and hoping it works.

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Yes - I had one Z-wave Aeon relay switch migrated yesterday to a SmartThings Switch driver. It didn’t work but changing to a Mariano one I had installed already seems to have fixed it.

I have quite a few of these relays so I’m surprised that only one has migrated, but maybe they are slightly different models.


Other people have reported that not all of their identical devices migrated at the same time.

There are several possibilities for that.

Smartthings may be doing the migration gradually, we just don’t know all the details.

Since migration also involves your automations, it’s also possible that some of your devices have more complex automations than others.

Or, as you mentioned, they might have slightly different fingerprints. :thinking:

I have 28 Zwave devices that have auto migrated and 57 other devices that still have not migrated. 15 of them that have not migrated are identical to other devices that auto-migrated.

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Totally with you there! Most of the instructions I’ve seen for hand-migrating start with “first subscribe to the SmartThings beta Edge driver channel”. No, thank you.


Does anyone know whether devices have to be online for successful migration? I have a handful of items that are offline, like sensors that I’m not currently using but haven’t excluded. Coincidentally, none are the same model as devices that have been migrated (and we’ve seen that not all devices of the same type/model migrate at the same time), so I can’t refer to that as a benchmark. They’re obviously not critical devices for me, or they would have been online; I’m just curious…

A have a linear garage door opener that has been offline for a year that migrated.

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just checking… offline?

Yes. Offline.

that leads to - if it has been offline for a year - have you tried fixing it? or need assistance getting it back online? :slight_smile:

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No. I replaced that functionality with MyQ. I should probably remove it but I never got around to it. Thanks for the offer though.


They do not. I’ve had two devices migrated that were offline. A Securifi Peanut Plug we use for the Christmas tree every year and a water leak sensor.


Just discovered that I had 9 Z-wave devices migrated today. All of them were switches.

None of my dimmers, either ZigBee or Z-wave, have been migrated. Nor have any virtual devices.

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