Texting Google Voice numbers no longer working?

I have many apps that notify me via a google voice number. This stopped working a few days ago. Anyone else notice the problem?

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Just sent a text to my gv number and got it.

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Interesting…all my apps that text me no longer work. They don’t even work in the IDE platform. Apparently something changed to make all my custom apps no longer compatible. There are no errors when running the apps and it says the text was sent?

Can you email us at support@smartthings.com? We’d be happy to dig in and figure out what’s going on.

I stopped getting SMS sent from ST to my Google Voice, too. The last ones I got were from 07/31. There should be at least four more from 08/03. The app that normally sends the messages did run, since it logged entries to my spreadsheet (via google apps script).

Same happened to me - I have an SMS to a GV # for presence arrival. Stopped working a day or two ago.

What was the resolution to this issue? I have the same problem with my text notifications not going to my GV number. I changed notifications to use the default app notices but my wife reminded me why I used GV in the beginning.

Why is GV better than notifications? :slight_smile:

She doesn’t want to get all of the notifications on her phone.

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I’m having this same problem. Support said they are working on it, but it has been over two weeks. My wife also hates getting notifications from SmartThings so using push notifications is not an option. Plus, I don’t want to go through every single notification setting and change it to Push . . . and then set it back to SMS when they get this figured out.

Still no word on this. I can’t use my regular phone for texting notifications because it’s metered (legacy data plans).

Fix queued up for tomorrow.

Oh so waiting with baited breath. (GASP) (SMILE)


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Thank you, thank you!

Testing, will be back with hopefully good news…

Thank you! my wife thanks you! :smile:

Thank you. It’s working again. It’s a biggie for a lot of reasons. Also, when I’m out on my bike, I store my phone where I can’t hear it. Text messages pop up on my bike computer but push notifications do not.

Reviving an old thread… is anyone else not getting texts to GV number?

My SMS alerts to the GV stopped also. I’m not sure when it stopped. I just started noticing a few days ago.